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Top 10 Myths About Cannabis And Kratom Usage

Cannabis and Kratom are two of the most medicinal herbs you can find around. However, they are both very controversial and have complicated legal identities. For cannabis, it was illegal to manufacture or consume this product for a long time. Many countries banned it because they thought it interfered with work performance.

Kratom’s story of legalization isn’t very different, as many countries have placed a ban on this herb. Some of them even classify the medicinal herb as a schedule 1 drug. Despite this, many people still commonly use this herb for medicinal purposes.

To help absolve the misconceptions about cannabis and kratom, this article will help to highlight the top ten misconceptions about cannabis and Kratom usage.

1.Kratom is synthetic

Compared to cannabis and many other controversial herbs, Kratom isn’t very popular. Now that more people hear about Kratom, they tend to think that this substance isn’t natural. However, these people couldn’t be more wrong. Kratom is a naturally occurring herb that is common in southeast Asia. There are many forms of Kratom, such as red thai kratom, and they are all-natural and you can easily search where to buy kratom near me online

2.Cannabis is generally harmful.

This myth is strongly associated with the way the media depicts it. Due to this depiction, many people view this herb as a “hard drug” that does nothing but harm you. In contrast, several studies have proven that cannabis is highly effective for health preservation’, even up to old age.

3.You can overdose on cannabis.

Due to the dangerous effects that other drugs have on humans, it is quite easy to believe that you can overdose on cannabis. Although you can consume too much, it is virtually impossible to overdose on this substance. To do so,  you would need to consume unrealistic amounts of cannabis.

When you take too much, you are bound to feel and exhibit some symptoms. Some of these are headache, nausea, dizziness. Occasionally, it may come with some anxiety. So, even if overdose is not possible, you should try as much as possible not to consume too much. Otherwise, the symptoms related to overconsumption may make you feel uncomfortable.

4.Kratom is addictive

Many people seem to think that Kratom is addictive. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Rather than being addictive, some studies have shown that it can help manage opiate addictions. What makes it dangerous is when people abuse the substance. Taking this substance in high amounts may cause you to develop adverse side effects.

5.Smoking cannabis is worse than tobacco.

As mentioned earlier, the media has depicted cannabis to be worse than tobacco. As a result, generations of people have wrongly stigmatized this herb to be harmful. However, many studies have shown that tobacco is responsible for severe health conditions like heart disease and lung complications. In contrast, smoking cannabis poses almost no side effects to the human body.

6.Kratom can harm your health.

This myth is false. Kratom doesn’t cause harm to your body if you take it in moderate amounts. Instead, Kratom can provide many health benefits such as suppression of pain and managing mood disorders.

This is arguably the most common reason why people are using this herb so much. Despite its illegality, virtually all age gaps purchase and use this substance.

7.Cannabis can’t get you addicted.

Similar to Kratom, the majority of the population think that consuming cannabis can’t get addictive. Like other substances like alcohol and cocaine, addiction to cannabis and all its products is also common.

Hence, when you want to consume cannabis, make sure you take it in moderation. Otherwise, you may get addicted to it.

8.There hasn’t been any research on Kratom.

Because it isn’t as common as cannabis, some individuals think that any form of research or study does not back the effects of Kratom. However, that’s not the case. At the moment, multiple studies show all you need to know about Kratom.

9.Cannabis causes brain degradation.

This is perhaps one of the most widespread rumors about cannabis. Many people seem to think that long-term cannabis use is associated with brain degradation. On the contrary, cannabis helps to maintain cognitive function in people who take it. It even helps to increase creativity.

10.Kratom doesn’t possess any health benefits.

Kratom is one of the most beneficial substances you can take. One study has shown that Kratom can suppress pain and regulate mood disorders. It can also help to treat cases of opioid addiction.

Final words

Kratom and cannabis are both beneficial substances that you can use to improve your health. Contrary to popular belief, these substances are ideal to consume, and they possess relatively few side effects when you take them in moderation. When you want to take it for medical purposes, make sure you consult a health practitioner.

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