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The Chanel of cannabis: founder of luxury marijuana brand Beboe on what fashion taught him about selling drugs - Cannabis News

The son of immigrants from Hong Kong, Clement Kwan created Beboe in California because he loves ‘the plant, the industry, and everything about it.’

A few years ago, Clement Kwan was in the awkward position of having to explain to his mother what he really did for a living.

He had just co-founded Beboe, a luxury cannabis brand, and figured he should come clean to his mother, who knew her son was some sort of entrepreneur.

“I said, ‘here’s the deal’, and then I told her not only about Beboe, but also that I grew and sold weed all through college to pay the tuition,” Kwan recalls. “Her reply was, ‘is it illegal?’ I told her it wasn’t, and she’s been fine with it.”

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Kavita Daswani ~ South China Morning Post

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