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Tennessee Woman Finds Business Opportunity In Hemp – Cannabis News

It's a plant shrouded in stereotypes and stigmas, but for one Tennessee couple, hemp has provided a new opportunity for business after a family trip nearly turned to tragedy.

Sitting on a dock in her farm Monday, Maggie Fox recalled the pain she has experienced this past year.

"We were crossing a cross walk, this lady just kept driving, just hit me, my mom and my son," Maggie explained. "She literally picked us up off the ground. I got thrown probably about 15 feet."

Maggie suffered the brunt of the hit. "I had to have back surgery, they had to replace the disk in my back," she said. In the weeks and months after the accident Maggie relied on prescription drugs to make her comfortable, but it was a trip to Colorado that introduced her to the benefits of CBD oil, which comes from hemp.

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Jonquil Newland ~ NewsChannel5.com ~

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