New Zealand's 'cannabis crisis': smokers confirm chronic shortage – Marijuana News

For once, there’s a bigger problem in New Zealand than its flag being confused with Australia’s: a chronic shortage of marijuana.

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Israel gives rise to the ganjapreneur, drawing new opportunities for green investment – Marijuana News

The Startup Nation’s Tel Aviv hub opened its doors on Monday to Israel’s first ever international conference on innovation in the medical cannabis industry.

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Cannabis legalisation in UK 'would raise £1bn a year in taxes' – Marijuana News

Study calls for Britain to follow lead of some US states and allow the sale of cannabis to over-18s in licensed retail stores.

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Which country is really the No. 1 consumer of marijuana? – Marijuana News

If you go by United Nation figures, Icelanders consume the most cannabis as a percentage of the national population. However, if you take a closer look at the numbers, that doesn’t mean much.

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Canadian Court Says Prescription Holders Can Grow Marijuana at Home – Marijuana News

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has not yet fulfilled his promise to legalize marijuana in Canada, but the country’s Federal Court ruled Wednesday that prescription holders could grow their own supply.

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Medical marijuana legalized in Australia – Marijuana News

(CNN) - The Australian Parliament passed a measure Wednesday legalizing medical marijuana. The amendments to the Narcotic Drugs Act will allow cannabis to be legally grown for medical and scientific purposes for the first time in Australia.

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Former U.N. Secretary General: Legalize cannabis - Marijuana News

Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan is pushing for the legalization of cannabis and other personal drugs. However, he said in a recent article, regulations must be put in place by governments to curtail abuse.

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Australia commits to legal growing of medicinal marijuana – Marijuana News

CANBERRA, Australia — Australian lawmakers committed on Wednesday to legalize the growing of marijuana for medical use within a part of the world renowned for zero-tolerance and harsh penalties for illegal drugs.

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Mexico opens landmark debate on marijuana laws – Marijuana News

Mexico City (AFP) - Mexico opened on Tuesday a national debate on prohibitionist marijuana laws, as the government appeared open to legalizing medical cannabis use.

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Israel seeks to let doctors prescribe cannabis – Marijuana News

Israel could be just six months away from allowing general practitioners to prescribe cannabis, Health Minister Yaakov Litzman said Wednesday.

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Latin America's biggest medical cannabis farm sprouts in Chile – Marijuana News

Latin America's largest medicinal marijuana farm was formally inaugurated on Tuesday, marking another step in the region's growing acceptance of therapeutic uses for the formerly illegal plant.

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Israeli Health Ministry Plans to Lift Restrictions on Growing Medical Cannabis – Marijuana News

Image: Israel Police via Wikimedia Commons

Israel’s Health Ministry is moving ahead on a comprehensive plan on medical cannabis that would lift many restrictions that currently make life difficult for patients, doctors, growers and marketers of the plant.

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Loosened US pot laws have sent Mexican weed prices plunging – Marijuana News

A marijuana farm in western Mexico. Image: Deborah Bonello via

It's a tough time to be a Mexican pot farmer. The price of marijuana has been plummeting partly because of the loosening of laws in parts of the US — encouraging growth of more high-end pot in America.

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Colombia fully legalizes medical marijuana – Marijuana News

Street light vandalism in Bogotá, Colombia, 2007. Image: Alejandro Forero Cuervo via Wikimedia Commons

Colombia's president has signed a decree fully legalizing medical marijuana in a shift away from preventing drug crop production.

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Australia's 'Stoner Sloth' Anti-Marijuana Campaign Is an Instant and Classic Fail – Marijuana News

Image via

There's a long and not-very-proud tradition of anti-drug advertising that gets ridiculed for missing the mark with young audiences.

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Justin Trudeau and the cannabis factory - Marijuana News

Image: Dave Simonds via The Economist

Converting a medical-marijuana industry into a recreational one in Canada will not be easy.

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Cannabis specialist GW Pharma ramps up capacity ahead of key drug approval – Marijuana News

A laboratory analysis of GW Pharmaceuticals' cannabis samples of Sativex. Image: PA via

GW Pharmaceuticals, which makes drugs derived from the cannabis plant, is scaling up its manufacturing capacity ahead of an expected approval of a new treatment for children with life-threatening epilepsy.

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Canada’s next big move? It may be legalizing pot – Marijuana News

The new Liberal government has promised to act quickly to legalize marijuana for general use, which would make Canada the first Group of 20 country to end cannabis prohibition on a national level.

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Cannabis By-Products On The Horizon in Jamaica – Marijuana News

Maurice Ellis (left) and Richard Ramdial, owners of Sun Spice Seasonings Company Limited/IgadI Jamaica Limited. Image: Ricardo Makyn via The Gleaner

With Jamaica in advanced stages of preparation for the possible legalisation of ganja, some forward thinking entrepreneurs are getting ready for the financial opportunities that will arise.

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Uttarakhand to Become First Indian State to Legalise Cannabis Cultivation – Marijuana News

Image: Hill Post via India Times

Uttarakhand government's decision to allow farmers to cultivation of hemp plants is the first of its kind in India.

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