First Cannabis Festival in Greece

Greek cannabis activists protest for legalization
The first cannabis festival in Greece is taking place today at Syntagma Square in Athens with the participation of the organized SYRIZA youth and the human rights department of the party.
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Through the haze, Paris protesters call for fresh cannabis laws

Image of marijuana legalization activists protesting in Paris
Paris (AFP) - Sporting T-shirts and caps printed with marijuana leaves and with joints hanging from their lips, hundreds of people demonstrated in Paris on Saturday as part of a world march calling for the legalisation of cannabis.
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It Is Time For The UN To Reform Its Global Drug Policies, Human Rights Groups Say

Image of the United Nations Logo
A coalition of more than 100 human rights organizations and drug policy groups is urging the United Nations to reform global drug policies and respect governments that move away from prohibition.
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Colorado has a cannabis-friendly hotels

Image of a room in a cannabis-friendly hotel in Denver
A Colorado hotel is offering cannabis-friendly accommodation, providing guests marijuana with breakfast, smoking equipment and “healing” cannabis-infused massages.
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Puerto Rico governor signs order to legalize medical marijuana

Marijuana legalization in Puerto Rico logo
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Puerto Rico's governor on Sunday signed an executive order to authorize the use of medical marijuana in the U.S. territory in an unexpected move following a lengthy public debate.
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Legalize medical cannabis, activists say

Image of an Indian marijuana shop
Viki Vaurora, a passionate campaigner for medical marijuana, says it is time to bust the myths around the much maligned weed.
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Agony continues for Lily Poulter despite fresh calls for medicinal cannabis trial

Image of Lily Poulter, who could benefit from legalized medical cannabis in Australia
Lily Poulter vividly remembers the last time her shoulder popped out of its socket.
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The Global Marijuana March 2015

Image of Global Marijuana March Poster/logo May 2, 2015
Jeremiah Vandermeer ~ Cannabis Culture ~
The original worldwide marijuana protest is back this Saturday, May 2. Share the Global Marijuana March Posters from cities around the world.
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We are looking for journalists to write about cannabis-related issues in their community

WeedLife is reaching out to new and established journalists, as it expands its coverage of how the legalization of marijuana is affecting people across the country
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Jamaica Plants Its First Legal Marijuana Plant

Image of Jamaican officials planting the first legal marijuana plant
By the Caribbean Journal Staff ~
The first legal cannabis plant in the country was planted on the grounds of the University of the West Indies Mona campus.
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Cannabis party launches manifesto

Image of Paul Birch of the Cista Party
Belfast Telegraph ~ Northern Ireland ~
Vulnerable people are missing out on medical treatment due to governmental refusal to treat cannabis the same way as alcohol, a newcomer to election campaigning has claimed.
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Tasmania to green light cannabis farming, Capital Mining in deal for first licence

Image of Teresa Nicoletti
Tasmania is set to give the green light for Australia's first legal medical marijuana grower, in what is expected to be the start of a new industry for the state.
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Controversial cannabis festival 420 returns after 500 people descended on park for 2014 event

Image of electronic police bill boards warning about marijuana in Hyde Park UK 2014
Dan Thompson ~ Mirror UK ~ 
Hundreds of people are expected to go attend the event - last year, police made no arrests despite visitors openly smoking cannabis
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Marijuana harvested for medical use in Chile

Image of  legal medical marijuana harvest in Chile
Eva Vergara ~ Associated Press ~
SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — A Chilean municipality harvested legal medical marijuana Tuesday as part of a government-approved pilot project aimed at helping ease pain in cancer patients.
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The Greatest Threat From Cannabis Lies in its Illegality

Image of marijuana injustice in Canada
Jenna Valleriani ~ Huffington Post Canada ~
The 2011 Global Commission on Drug Policy's opening declaration - "the global war on drugs has failed, with devastating consequences for individuals and societies [...] fundamental reforms in national and global drug control policies are urgently needed" - could hardly be more definitive.
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Here Comes Italy - Marijuana Legalization Effort Gears Up in Parliament

Image of Italian Parliament preparing to legalize marijuana
Phillip Smith ~ The Daily Chronic ~
ROME — An effort to legalize marijuana is getting underway in the Italian parliament, with some 60 lawmakers having signed onto a motion to do just that by the time it was rolled-out three weeks ago. 
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New Zealand Is Suffering from a Severe Weed Shortage

Image of weed drought
Danielle Street ~ VICE ~
New Zealand is suffering its worst weed drought in recent history, and so far pot-starved kiwis have no one to point the finger at.
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First Book on Marijuana Reform in 2014 Is Published in 51 Countries

Image of Green: The First 12 Months of Modern American Marijuana Reform by Marguerite Arnold
“Green:  The First 12 Months of Modern American Marijuana Reform“  is the first book to hit the market about the events of 2014. 
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Nutritional High Now Canada's First Publicly Traded Recreational Weed Company

Image of recreational edible marijuana chocolate
Sunny Freeman ~ The Huffington Post ~
Canada is now home to its first publicly-traded recreational marijuana company, despite the fact that pot for non-medical use is illegal in this country.
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Medical marijuana for injured vets cost Canadian government $4.3M, 10 times more than last year

Image of Canadian veteran Clayton Goodwin
By Murray Brewster ~ The Canadian Press ~
The cost of providing medical marijuana to the country's injured soldiers under a Veterans Affairs program jumped to more than $4.3 million this fiscal year, an increase of 10 times what was spent last year. Number of eligible ex-soldiers quadrupled to 601 patients
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