Australian government to legalise growing of medicinal cannabis; Labor calls for nationwide scheme

Australia map and flag. Image: Stasyan117 via Wikimedia Commons
The Federal Government has announced it will legalise the growing of cannabis for medicinal purposes.
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The marijuana banking dilemma

Mark Goldfogel with The Fourth Corner Credit Union speaks at the National Cannabis Summit. Image:
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~
Denver’s Fourth Corner Credit Union launched last year as an answer to the legal marijuana industry’s inability to access financial institutions. But the Fed had other plans.
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Pot warehouse possible for Maryland Eastern Shore

Maryland state flag. Image: Lee Cannon via Wikimedia Commons
Jeremy Cox, The (Salisbury, Md.) Daily Times ~ via ~
PRINCESS ANNE, Md. -- Somerset County could soon be home to one of Maryland's first medical marijuana facilities.
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Why you need a workplace marijuana policy

Advertising staff at Australian Government Printing Office, 1921. Image via Wikimedia Commons
Kathleen Burke ~ MarketWatch ~
 If you’re a small-business owner and marijuana has been legalized in your state, should you care?
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Bernie Sanders signals support for marijuana legalization

Sen. Bernie Sanders campaigning in September 2015. Image: Phil Roeder via Wikimedia Commons
Asked whether he'd support Nevada's 2016 ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana in that state, Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders answered "I suspect I would vote yes" to applause from the crowd.
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Legalizing cannabis in the UK 'would raise hundreds of millions'

British Union Jack. Image: Michael Beckwith via Wikimedia Commons
Exclusive: Private analysis for the British Treasury concludes that regulation could also produce huge savings for the justice system.
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Marijuana Grower Sued For Using Pesticides

A five bladed leaf from a three month old female cannabis sativa plant. Image: Psychonaught via Wikimedia Commons
It didn’t take long before marijuana companies would be treated like any other company, and that means getting sued.
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Marijuana as Medicine

Medical Marijuana cannabis shop in Denver, 2011. Image: User:O'Dea via Wikimedia Commons

Nearly half the country has so far made it legal. Does it work?

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Legal cannabis industry veteran: We're just getting started

Christian Hageseth at the National Cannabis Summit in Denver. Image:
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~
Veteran cannabis entrepreneur Christian Hageseth says the legal cannabis industry is rapidly evolving and on the verge of explosive growth.
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Colorado monthly marijuana sales eclipse $100 million mark

A grow room in Denver. Image:
Elizabeth Hernandez ~ The Denver Post ~

Colorado recreational marijuana sales are close to $60 million in August 2015; medical marijuana sales climb slightly.

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Where to Stash Cannabis Cash? Tribal Nations Make Bid to Bank It

California sets new rules for medical pot industry

California state map and cannabis leaf. Image: Cooljuno411 via Wikimedia Commons
Nearly two decades after Californians legalized marijuana for medical use and a year before they may approve it for recreational purposes, Gov. Jerry Brown has imposed statewide rules on the growth, transport and sale of the drug.
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Marijuana recipes: How to make Cannabis Ceviche

Image via

Oscar Pascual ~ ~

An emerging group of modern chefs are creating bold new dishes infused with marijuana, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it yourself.
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Thousands of Scots call for cannabis to be legalised

Welcome to Scotland sign. Image: Amanda Slater via Wikimedia Commons
Cannabis should be legalised, according to thousands of Scots.
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Wine & Weed: Pot tourism goes upscale in the Colorado Rockies

Image via

While cannabis curiosity is still at odds with social stigmas, tours with Cultivating Spirits or a stay at 420-friendly Breck Haus are enlightening options to explore.

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Australian girls in Canada for cannabis oil treatment

Tabetha (right) and Georgia-Grace Fulton (left), 13 and 8, both suffer from a degenerative lung disease. Their mother, Bobby-Jo (back left), brought the girls to Victoria, B.C., so they could access the cannabis oil treatment after a successful, and illegal, 12-week trial in Australia. Video image via
An Australian family who traveled to Canada in order to legally access cannabis oil treatment could soon be forced to return home, where the life-changing medication is outlawed.
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State lawmakers to Congress: Butt out of our marijuana laws

U.S. Capitol. Image: Jorge Gallovia via Wikimedia Commons
State lawmakers are calling on the federal government to change its drug laws to let states experiment with marijuana and hemp policy.
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Oregon's first week of recreational pot sales tops $11 million

Marijuana Wellness Products, Hollywood, Portland, Oregon, 2014. Image: Another Believer via Wikimedia Commons
Nina Mehlhaf ~ ~
PORTLAND, Ore. -- After just one week of recreational marijuana sales, Oregon dispensaries have raked in an estimated $11 million.
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Marijuana companies struggle to find a place to put their green


Kathleen Burke ~ ~

Federal regulations force businesses into cash-only operations.
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Oregon cannabis workers unionize

Union Cannabis represents unionized cannabis businesses in multiple states. Image: Cannabis Industry Professional Association via
At least two collective bargaining contracts between Oregon cannabis workers and the dispensaries that employ them have been signed, and more are expected to partake in collective bargaining as the industry develops.
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