Drones delivering cannabis bought with bitcoins to take off in California

High flyer: THC via UAV could soon be taking to Californian skies through medical marijuana firm Trees. Image: Trees via International Business Times
Pot smokers in California will soon be able to order marijuana online, pay for it using the virtual currency bitcoin, and have it delivered to them via drone.
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Building a better mousetrap for the cannabis industry

A GreenBroz commercial trimmer
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~
One inventor-turned-businessman says innovators are finding a market for their ideas as the legal marijuana sector concentrates on its bottom line.
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Marijuana-growing spikes Denver electric demand, challenges clean-power plan

Robert Grandt works in the grow room at 3D Cannabis Center in Denver on March 11. Marijuana growing facilities contributed to the city's energy use increase. (RJ Sangosti, The Denver Post)
Bruce Finley ~ Denver Post ~
Metro Denver’s surging legal marijuana industry means surging energy usage in the region.
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New Application Delivers Medical Marijuana to Your California Home

image of medical marijuana

Danya Bacchus and Samantha Tatro ~ NBC San Diego ~

The new smartphone application Eaze delivers medical marijuana to a user’s home.

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Cannabis Grow System Aims to Turn Home Grows Into A Smartphone Accessory

Jonathan Ofir poses with a prototype of his Leaf system.  (International Business Times/Joel Warner)
An entrepreneur says his sleek, fully automated “plug ’n’ plant” hydroponic system, controlled via users’ smartphones, will bring cannabis growing out of the closet, or basement.
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Get ready for another Florida medical marijuana push

Image of Medical Marijuana for Florida logo
When pot is this good, people don't give up. And Florida is not giving up on medical-grade marijuana anytime soon.
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Cannabis technology, media fuse at first-ever New West Summit

Image of cannabis extractors at a trade show
Cannabis and technology — two of the Bay Area’s biggest exports — are about to become even more intertwined.
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The Future of Pot? Leave It to the Pros, Not the Stoners

Image of Brendan Kennedy, CEO of Privateer Holding a Cannabis Investor Group
IF YOU LIKE puns, then you’ll love the American pot industry.
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We are looking for journalists to write about cannabis-related issues in their community

WeedLife is reaching out to new and established journalists, as it expands its coverage of how the legalization of marijuana is affecting people across the country
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Oregon utilities prepare for demand spike from marijuana legalization

Image of an indoor marijuana grow
Oregon has to decide how it will power the growth of legal marijuana
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The WeedLife Network debuts its ground-breaking WeedLIVE cannabis industry search engine

Image of WeedLIVE Search Engine search box
Denver, Colorado The WeedLife Network™  ~ April 27, 2015 ~
The new search engine creates an inclusive, online space for cannabis-related businesses and services that have long been banned from advertising on other search engine platforms
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The WeedLife Network for Cannabis Businesses and Consumers Sees a Surge in Online Traffic Following its Launch

Screen shot image of WeedCirles website
Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) April 15, 2015
Just a month after its official launch, features offered by WeedLife, like the legal marijuana industry’s first-ever business social network and marketing platform, are attracting a skyrocketing number of cannabis consumers and businesses
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Apple And Google Just Approved The Global Rollout For High There, Tinder For Marijuana Fans

Images of the High There marijuana social app
Alex Konrad ~ Forbes ~
It’s been called “Tinder for marijuana users,” but Todd Mitchem hopes his app will be much more.
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WeedCircles is part of the WeedLife Network

 Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) April 13, 2015
Just a month after its official launch, WeedCircles, the legal marijuana industry’s first-ever business social network and marketing platform, is attracting a huge number of cannabis consumers and businesses
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Meadow, the Uber of Cannabis-Delivery Apps, Graduates From Y Combinator

Image of a phone using the Meadow App
Will Yakowicz ~ Inc. ~
Meadow, a San Francisco-based medical marijuana-delivery app, is the first cannabis-related company to sprout out of Y Combinator.
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How techies are profiting from the booming pot business

Image of MJ Freeway Point of Sale Hardware
Bob Woods ~ CNBC
Telluride, Colorado, a former silver-mining town in the San Juan Mountains, is known these days for its ski resort and film and music festivals, though not as a high-tech incubator.
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One surprising downside of marijuana legalization: major energy use

Chris Mooney ~ The Washington Post ~
The study estimated that indoor cannabis (both illegal and legal) uses $6 billion worth of electricity every year, amounting to 1 percent of overall U.S. electricity.
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State Of Pot In Colorado A Year After Marijuana Legalization

Image of a Colorado indoor legal marijuana grow op
Nicole Arce ~ Tech Times
Colorado has released its first annual report on the status of the marijuana market a year after legalization in the state. It shows a growing industry that has sold nearly 75 tons of cannabis flower and almost 50 million units of pot edibles.
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Marijuana vending machine makes debut in Seattle's International District

Image of marijuana vending machine
Nick Wong ~ The International Examiner 
Seattle Caregivers, a medical marijuana dispensary located on South Jackson Street, debuted the country’s first marijuana vending machine and has plans to take the trend nationwide.
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