New rules force High Times to call off annual Seattle cannabis cup

Image of a High Times Cannabis Cup Event in Seattle
The new state laws collapsing the medical market as we know it in Washington and funneling all public marijuana related activities, essentially, through the state liquor board has claimed it’s first victim … the High Times U.S. Cannabis Cup in Seattle.
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How Much Does Colorado vs. Washington Recreational Marijuana Cost These Days?

Image of a Low Price tag, representing retail cannabis price trends
Good news for the cannabis enthusiast: no matter the state, retail marijuana prices are expected to drop in Washington and Colorado throughout the rest of the year
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Ten Things You Need to Know About the Cannabis Cup

Image of legal marijuana in Denver
The 2015 Cannabis Cup is happening now in Denver and enthusiasts all across the US have flocked to Colorado for the big day.
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Denver Dispensaries - A Beginner's Guide

Image of legal marijuana available in Colorado
Jerilyn Forsythe ~ 5280 (The Denver Magazine) ~
Shops to visit, whether you're looking to experiment or just highly curious (pun intended).
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Cannabis Cup Highlights Marijuana's Latest Products, Policy Developments

Image of 2014 Denver 420
Luc Hatlestad ~ 5280 (The Denver Magazine) ~
With 420 approaching, it's time for our annual reminder: Don't do anything that might bring shame to Denver, Colorado, or marijuana legalization in general.
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No free pot samples, or sales, allowed at this year

Image of free marijuana sample available at the 2014 Canabis Cup in Denver
Ricardo Baca ~ The Cannabist ~
The free sampling of businesses’ marijuana, edibles and concentrates — a tradition that has long been a primary draw for fans of the annual Cannabis Cups that happen around the world — will no longer happen so freely at the Denver event.
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Controversial cannabis festival 420 returns after 500 people descended on park for 2014 event

Image of electronic police bill boards warning about marijuana in Hyde Park UK 2014
Dan Thompson ~ Mirror UK ~ 
Hundreds of people are expected to go attend the event - last year, police made no arrests despite visitors openly smoking cannabis
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The Grass Station Cannabis Dispensary is Ready for 420 with Extra Staff, Fast Checkouts and Special Deals

Image of The Grass Station's Mobile App for easy marijuana dispensary use
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy™ Cannabis Industry News ~
The Denver-based dispensary is raising the bar for selection and service, as the city prepares to welcome marijuana enthusiasts to the annual cannabis festivities
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World Cannabis Week Heads to Denver for Third Year

Image of a huge outdoor sign advertising World Cannabis Week in Denver - 420
Will Schmidt ~ TECH.CO ~ 
It was recently announced that the Third Annual World Cannabis Week will be returning Denver, Colorado.
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Denver bracing for - 420 - tourists seeking a Mile High

Image of marijuana related marijuana shirts in Denver
Trevor Hughes ~ USA TODAY
DENVER – Marijuana tourists are preparing to flock to the Mile High City's massive pot festival next weekend.
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The Ultimate 4/20 Event Guide

This year April 20 - the cannabis national holiday - falls on a Monday. Most of the events listed here take place over the 4/20 weekend.
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What is Pinene and What Are the Benefits of this Cannabis Terpene?

Image of marijuana and a pine tree bough for Pinene
Bailey Rahn ~ Leafly ~
Pinene’s Effects and Benefits
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Mild-strength marijuana is the future of pot

Image of a marijuana dispensary page showing cannabis potency
David Downs ~ SF Gate ~
Think of it as bud — light.
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The WeedLife Network Marks the Marijuana Culture

Image of WeedLife logo
Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) April 01, 2015
The WeedLife Network is offering $420 per month off its subscription packages for an entire year, to the first 420 advertisers that sign up @
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The WeedLife Network offering 420 discount packages

The WeedLife Network of cannabis websites
Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) April 01, 2015
The WeedLife Network is offering $420 per month off its subscription packages for an entire year, to the first 420 advertisers that sign up @
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