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Tax money from marijuana sales helping students pay for college in Colorado - Cannabis News

DENVER - Marijuana is a $1.3 billion industry in Colorado, and the ensuing tax revenue is helping students pay for college.

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Colorado county using $425K in local pot taxes for college scholarships – Cannabis News

Pueblo County expands its cannabis-funded scholarships with eye on having high school graduates enroll at local colleges.

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In Colorado, first-ever marijuana tax scholarships awarded to 25 Pueblo students – Cannabis News

Pueblo County has set aside around $750,000 in college scholarships for high school seniors, and all of that funding came from marijuana excise taxes.

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Marijuana sales tax revenue huge boon for Colorado cities – Marijuana News

From small towns that barely dot the map to the state’s largest urban areas, revenue from retail marijuana sales is helping communities address homelessness, send children to college, patch potholes, secure water rights and fund an array of projects.

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These kids are going to college on pot – Marijuana News

DENVER — Colorado pot smokers are helping send 25 students to college, the first scholarships in the U.S. funded with taxes on legal marijuana.

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Higher Learning: Colorado county mulls scholarship pot tax

Pueblo County Courthouse, Pueblo, CO. Image: Billy Hathorn via Wikimedia Commons