Will Marijuana Become Legal In The US? Colorado Rep Jared Polis Leads Charge Toward Federal Pot Reform

Image of Colorado Rep Mr. Cannabis Jared Polis with Michelle Obama
In his seven years on Capitol Hill, Rep. Jared Polis, D-Colo., has become known in some circles as a founding father of Congress’ burgeoning marijuana movement.
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Medical Marijuana Canada Lawsuit: Privacy Violation Alleged Over Bumbled Government Mail-Out

Image of a legal medical marijuana dispensary
Philip Ross ~ International Business Times ~
Health Canada, the agency that runs the country’s national public health system, is at the center of a lawsuit over patient privacy.
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Obama On Marijuana Legalization - Congress Could Reschedule Pot As More States Decriminalize

Image of President Obama
Philip Ross ~ International Finacial Times ~
U.S. President Barack Obama offered some encouraging words for advocates of marijuana reform: Look for change at the federal level.
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Marijuana Legalization In Ohio Could Raise $554M In Taxes By 2020, Advocacy Group Says

Image of legal marijuana and tax revenue
Philip Ross ~ International Business Times ~
Legal weed in Ohio could raise more than $550 million in tax revenue for the state by 2020, according to figures released Tuesday by the advocacy group ResponsibleOhio, the organization behind a proposed November ballot initiative that would legalize marijuana for medical and recreational use.
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Rhode Island Marijuana Legalization: State Lawmakers To Introduce Bill To Regulate And Tax Pot Like Alcohol

Image of legal marijuana in a jar
Philip Ross ~ International Business Times
Lawmakers in Rhode Island are expected to introduce a bill into the state legislature Thursday that would legalize marijuana for recreational use and create a legal retail market in the state for the sale and taxation of the leafy commodity.
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