The 2017 Global Marijuana March: This weekend around the world - Cannabis News

Two weeks after many cities celebrated 4/20, people in cities around the world will take to the streets on Saturday for the 2017 Global Marijuana March (GMM, in some places known as the Million Marijuana March) as a protest to end cannabis prohibition in each of the countries where the march takes place.

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‘Free the weed’: Cannabis supporters protest globally for relaxation of marijuana laws – Marijuana News

The Global Marijuana March has taken place this weekend as cannabis supporters from around the world gathered in 829 cities in 72 countries to put pressure on their governments to legalize the drug.

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The Global Marijuana March 2015

Image of Global Marijuana March Poster/logo May 2, 2015
Jeremiah Vandermeer ~ Cannabis Culture ~
The original worldwide marijuana protest is back this Saturday, May 2. Share the Global Marijuana March Posters from cities around the world.
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