Church of Cannabis suit raises religious liberty issues

Bill Levin poses in the sanctuary at The First Church of Cannabis. (Photo: Kelly Wilkinson/The Star file photo)
Stephanie Wang and Michael Anthony Adams ~ ~

Legal experts question whether church can overcome hurdles in challenging Indiana's marijuana laws.

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Cops warn of arrests at Church of Cannabis

Image of First Church of Cannabis founder Bill Levin in Indianapolis (Photo: John Tuohy/The Star)
Authorities in Indianapolis warn that anyone caught smoking marijuana at the First Church of Cannabis’ planned service next week could end up arrested.
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First Church of Cannabis could test RFRA

Image of Bill Levin, founder of Indian's First Church of Cannabis.
Courts ultimately might have to decide whether practices amount to sincere religion
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Indiana's Church of Cannabis Growing Like a Weed

Indiana's religious freedom law, signed by GOP Gov. Mike Pence, right, has effectively legalized marijuana for members of the First Church of Cannabis, says church founder Bill Levin, left.
Steven Nelson ~ U.S. News ~
The state's new religious freedom law means marijuana rules have gone to pot, church founder says.
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The First Church of Cannabis approved after Indiana's religious freedom law was passed

Image of marijuana plant
Sarah Pulliam Bailey ~ Washington Post ~
The First Church of Cannabis Inc. has been approved by Indiana's secretary of state after the state's religious freedom legislation became law last week.
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