Cannabis technology, media fuse at first-ever New West Summit

Image of cannabis extractors at a trade show
Cannabis and technology — two of the Bay Area’s biggest exports — are about to become even more intertwined.
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Evidence Mounts For Cannabis to Help Curb Painkiller Overdose Epidemic

Image of legal medical marijuana helps manage certain types of pain and insomnia
An average of 44 Americans die every day from an overdose of prescription painkillers, a trend the Centers for Disease Control calls a national epidemic.
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The science behind Sanjay Gupta and WEED 3

Image of marijuana flower top
Trauma neurosurgeon turned journalist Dr. San Jay Gupta fired another broadside into cannabis prohibition Sunday with the one-hour CNN special WEED 3, on the eve of 4/20.
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Updated - War on California Medical Marijuana Will Continue, Justice Department Says

Image of anti-marijuana US Attorney Melinda Haag
David Downs ~ East Bay Express ~
California’s multi-billion medical cannabis industry will remain in the crosshairs of federal prosecutors, despite direction from Congress to cease interfering with state medical pot systems.
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Massachusetts lawmakers move to end marijuana war

Image of Massachusetts marijuana legalization logo
David Downs ~ Smell The Truth ~
Lawmakers in Boston introduced a bill this week to strike the word “marijuana” from much of its criminal code, and regulate and tax the botanical with a system similar to alcohol.
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Watch Biased Cannabis Science and Media in Action

Image of 49er OG
David Downs ~ East Bay Express ~
In February we detailed how cannabis research is institutionally biased and broadly misinterpreted by the media. Today we get an illustration of that vicious cycle.
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