Denver company targets marijuana industry's cash-intensive business – Marijuana News

Image: Blue Line Protection via Denver Business Journal

A Denver-area company that provides security for marijuana businesses moving around large amounts of cash said it’s growing in the city.

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Mexico opens tough marijuana debate

A man smokes marijuana during a rally in front of the Supreme Court of Justice in Mexico City on November 4, 2015. AFP Photo: Alfredo Estrella

Mexico City (AFP) - The Mexican government's resistance to legalizing marijuana has taken a hit following a landmark Supreme Court ruling that could pave the way to lifting the nation's ban on pot.

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Virtual forest of marijuana discovered in London

Officers said the

BBC News ~

Scores of cannabis plants have been discovered growing in a remote area of disused land in south-west London.
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Effort underway to expunge marijuana convictions for Ohioans

Scales of justice. Image via Wikimedia Commons
COLUMBUS — While campaigning for legal pot through Issue 3, ResponsibleOhio took steps Tuesday to pass a law that would allow Ohioans with marijuana convictions to go to court to get their records expunged.
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Fewer crimes, more revenue as medical marijuana industry stabilizes in Colorado Springs

A grow light shines through the leaves of a cannabis plant at Northern Lights grow facility in Denver, Colorado on March 27, 2014. (Photo by Seth McConnell/The Denver Post)
As the number of medical marijuana shops and dispensary-related crimes in Colorado Springs has fallen over the past five years, medical pot tax revenue in El Paso County has soared.
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Will legal marijuana in Oregon set off surge in robberies? Police wait to see

May 2013 video surveillance shows an armed robbery at the ReLeaf medical marijuana dispensary in Portland
Officials say home invasion robberies again could increase when Oregonians begin cultivating marijuana crops in their homes and backyards after July 1.
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