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Bill To Legalize Marijuana Sales Officially Passes Vermont House Of Representatives - Cannabis News

A bill introduced in the Colorado Senate last week would allow you to get weed delivered to your house.

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Utah’s first marijuana pharmacy opens in Salt Lake City - Cannabis News

A bill introduced in the Colorado Senate last week would allow you to get weed delivered to your house.

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Opinion: Does the cannabis industry have a double standard with science?

2016 was the biggest year in the history of marijuana, and there were many moments that were worthy of being the ‘top moments.’

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Don’t Assume You Have The Complicated Cannabis Industry Figured Out

With 4/20 now its own legitimate holiday, U.S. marijuana shops will set new sales records this month, analysts predict.

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Virginia Governor Announces Plans To Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Kate Douglas packages marijuana-infused edibles at Wana Brands in Boulder, CO. Image: Paul Aiken, Daily Camera

Preliminary data released from Boulder data analysis firm BDS Analytics has confirmed what tax revenues have already shown: Coloradans love legal pot.

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The Next "It" Ingredient in Beauty Products is Marijuana - Cannabis News

A grow room in Denver. Image: WeedWorthy.com
Elizabeth Hernandez ~ The Denver Post ~

Colorado recreational marijuana sales are close to $60 million in August 2015; medical marijuana sales climb slightly.

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Lawmakers push for hemp comeback in Wisconsin – Cannabis News

One of The Grass Station outlets in Denver. Image: WeedWorthy.com
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy
Dispensary CEO Ryan Fox says the unprecedented, one-time tax event means wide-ranging deals that should put patrons at The Grass Station’s two locations in a celebratory mood.
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More Businesses Removing Cannabis Testing From Pre-Employment Processes – Cannabis News

The Grass Station dispensary in Denver. Image: WeedWorthy.com

Massachusetts is moving forward with marijuana cafes - Cannabis News

cannabis buds at a Denver grow facility. Image: WeedWorthy.com
Alcohol businesses are seeing ‘phenomenal growth’ alongside marijuana industry in Colorado, dispelling concerns that consumers prefer pot over booze.
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Strangest Cannabis strains on the market today

Cannabis under grow lights at a Denver facility. Image: WeedWorthy.com

Colorado pot taxes: Over the first six months of 2015, the state has pulled in a total of $60.7 million in marijuana taxes, fees.

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Deep Dive: A Look At America’s Marijuana Evolution - Cannabis News

Avondale Bridge, Pueblo County, Colorado. Image: Thad Roan via Wikimedia Commons.

Joel Warner ~ High Country News ~

Local officials want Pueblo County, Colorado, to be the best place to grow, but not everyone’s high on the idea.

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Joe Biden Can No Longer Hide From Cannabis Legalization Efforts

Image of a chart showing Colorado Recreational Marijuana Sales
For the third consecutive month in 2015, recreational marijuana sales in Colorado reached record highs in March, according to new Department of Revenue data released Monday.
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