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Pittsburgh Hosts First 420 Games, Combining Sports And Marijuana Advocacy - Cannabis News

Pro-pot events used to be limited to rock concerts, but in the wake of legal medical marijuana, that is changing. Pittsburgh becomes the first city in the eastern U.S. this week to host the 420 Games, an event blending athletics with marijuana advocacy.

Its purpose is to dispel stereotypes, said founder Jim McAlpine.

“We go out, and we be athletic to change perceptions around cannabis and the people that use cannabis, to really debunk that myth and kind of media-driven perception of lazy, Taco Bell-eating, couch-laden, you know, video-game stoner, and really kind of put a new face on cannabis as medicine,” McAlpine said from his home in Marin County, Calif. 

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Bill O'Driscoll ~ WESA.fm


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