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Mayor opens first government-run pot shop in Wash., buys some Blue Magoo

Image of legal marijuana shop Cannabis Corner emlpoyees
Douglas Ernst ~ The Washington Times
North Bonneville, Washington, has the distinction of launching the nation’s first government-run pot shop. Its mayor, Don Stevens, was the first customer.
Images of Don Stevens buying pot
The Cannabis Corner opened March 7, which gave the mayor the opportunity to buy “Blue Magoo” marijuana and three other varieties, NBC News reported Monday.
Mr. Stevens said the drugs were “quite enjoyable with a calming effect that made […] evenings very relaxing,” NBC reported.
On March 7 the mayor told a local NBC affiliate that although he has smoked marijuana since high school, it had nothing to do with his push to open the first government-run recreational pot shop.
Instead, the mayor said he hopes the store can boost the local economy.
Profits from The Cannabis Corner will go into a special fund that the government can use if grant requests are approved.
The store stays open all week from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., NBC reported.
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