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Kansas mom facing pot charges waives preliminary hearing – Marijuana News

Garden City mother Shona Banda. File image: Wichita Eagle

A Garden City mother who faces five marijuana-related charges waived her preliminary hearing Monday when she found out the state wanted her 11-year-old son to testify against her, according to a Facebook post by her defense attorney.

Garden City mother Shona Banda. File image: Wichita Eagle

The charges resulted from comments the son made during an elementary school anti-drug program about his mother’s pot use.

Shona Banda, 38, faces three felony and two misdemeanor charges. She has repeatedly said she made cannabis oil to treat her Crohn’s disease and wrote a book about the marijuana treatment called “Live Free or Die: Reclaim Your Life … Reclaim Your Country!”

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Gabriella Dunn ~ Wichita Eagle ~

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