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Kansas Attempting to Prove Colorado Marijuana is Wreaking Havoc on State – Marijuana News

Image: Kansas Highway Patrol Facebook Page via Westword.com

Last month, the federal government sided with Colorado in a lawsuit filed with the U.S. Supreme Court by Oklahoma and Nebraska, which claim that Colorado's marijuana laws should be dismantled due to residual harm being caused across state lines. Kansas hasn't joined the suit, but its attorney general, Derek Schmidt, appears to be gathering evidence that would bolster the case being made by these states.

Image: Kansas Highway Patrol Facebook Page via Westword.com

This week, his office announced that it was sending surveys to prosecutors and law-enforcement officials — see them below — in an effort to determine how much Colorado cannabis is negatively impacting the good people of Kansas.

Ever since the 2012 passage of Amendment 64, which legalized limited recreational marijuana sales in Colorado, we've been sharing reports about the reaction in Kansas to this development.

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