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Jeff The 420 Chef Sets the Standard in Cannabis Cooking – Cannabis News

Cooking with cannabis can be daunting for the average home cook, but one chef is showing how anyone with access to the herb can enjoy a medicated mashed potatoes and chicken dinner from the comfort of their own home through video tutorials, and a new cookbook.

Chef Jeff, who declines to give out his real name but goes by Jeff The 420 Chef, is sharing his curing and infusing methods in his new cookbook called The 420 Gourmet: The Elevated Art of Cannabis Cuisine.

His unique methods result in cannabis butter and oils that are light in cannabis taste and smell.

“If I give them a cookie, they will eat for a day,” says Jeff, “But if I teach them how to make their own cannabutters and cannaoils, they’ll have a lifetime of enjoyment with cannabis.”

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Chloe Sommers ~ MarijuanaTimes.org ~

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