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Industrial Hemp Bill Headed to Illinois House - Cannabis News

There’s one piece of legislation that seems to be getting broad bipartisan support in Springfield.

The Illinois Senate earlier this month unanimously approved a measure that would allow farmers to grow and sell industrial hemp, a strain of cannabis.

But unlike marijuana, industrial hemp contains less than one percent of THC, and its fiber can be used to manufacture a variety of products.

Peoria-based company Global Hemp is developing potential uses for hemp fiber, which can be chemically processed or “cottonized,” to produce a softer material. “I want this to be that someone goes to Banana Republic, like this shirt I have on, and says, ‘wow, this is hemp? I would have thought this is cotton,’” Global Hemp President Eric Pollitt said, tugging at his plaid sleeve.

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Cass Herrington ~ PeoriaPublicRadio.org ~

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