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Former NFL players appeal to league to embrace marijuana use – Cannabis News

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell faces increasing demands to embrace cannabis as a solution to two crises that threaten to derail the $13 billion-a-year league: painkiller abuse and concussions.

After a hot and sticky afternoon teaching Paramus Catholic High School football players how to punish quarterbacks, Leonard Marshall sent the kids to the showers and then went to his car to retrieve the medicine he takes to relieve the chronic pain he inherited from his 11 seasons in the NFL.

The former Pro Bowl defensive end, an anchor of the Giants teams that won two Super Bowls under coach Bill Parcells, sat on a bench in the middle of the school’s sprawling New Jersey campus and took several hits from a handheld vaporizer containing a cartridge of amber-colored liquid.

The substance was cannabidiol (CBD), a compound found exclusively in the marijuana plant that, unlike the better-known THC, doesn’t get users high.

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Nathaniel Vinton, Dustin Foote, Michael O’Keefe ~ NYDailyNews.com ~

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