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We are looking for journalists to write about cannabis-related issues in their community

WeedLife is reaching out to new and established journalists, as it expands its coverage of how the legalization of marijuana is affecting people across the country
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Women Should Swap Their Bourbon for a Bong

Image of an upper middle class white woman smoking marijuana
Binge drinking is on the rise among women. We'd be better off smoking weed.
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Rising marijuana sales leave pot shops flush with cash they can not deposit

Image of US Marijuana Legalization Map 4-2015
Two months from now, on July 1, Oregon will become the fourth state to allow residents to legally purchase marijuana for recreational use.
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Thousands Of Families Demand Legal Medical Marijuana For Their Critically Ill Kids

Image of Charlotte Figi
Thousands of families of critically ill children and advocates for marijuana reform launched a national campaign Wednesday supporting the legalization of certain strains of cannabis oil that have shown therapeutic benefits.
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A Republican President Could Kill The Cannabis Industry

Cartoon image about the stupidity of the war on drugs
The election of a conservative Republican as President could roll back the gains made in the legalization of marijuana. 
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The weed joke Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner made in a meeting

Image of Roger Wicker laughing and Cory Gardner's joke
So, U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner doesn’t even make the video and he steals the show with his one-liner?
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Growing Pains - Can Seattle become a Marijuana Tourism Mecca?

Image of Seattle after dark
When Recreational Cannabis was legalized last year, pot yourists began streaming into Seattle. Then it got sticky...
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Baby Boomers Increasingly Behind Legalizing Marijuana

Collage image of Baby Boomer iconic photo images
The support for legalizing marijuana has grown rapidly over the last decade but the oldest Americans aren't ready to sign off on it yet. 
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Denver Dispensaries - A Beginner's Guide

Image of legal marijuana available in Colorado
Jerilyn Forsythe ~ 5280 (The Denver Magazine) ~
Shops to visit, whether you're looking to experiment or just highly curious (pun intended).
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Ten Things You Need to Know About the Cannabis Cup

Image of legal marijuana in Denver
The 2015 Cannabis Cup is happening now in Denver and enthusiasts all across the US have flocked to Colorado for the big day.
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Obama signals support for medical marijuana bill backed by Rand Paul

Image of President Barack Obama talking about medical marijuana 4-20-2015
President says country should ‘follow the science as opposed to the ideology’ and address drug abuse from a public health standpoint, not just through incarceration
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Image of pr-rolled marijuana joints
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The Great Weed Rebrand - Inside Colorado

Image of legal marijuana used in the Sweet Grass Kitchen in Denver Colorado
The first thing I notice about doing yoga stoned is my pulse. That otherwise inconspicuous sign of life is suddenly very much present, from my forehead to my pelvis, and the latter makes me want to giggle.
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Group - Legalize Medical Marijuana in Wyoming

Image of legalize marijuana in Wyoming logo

 Trevor Brown ~ Wyoming Tribune Eagle ~

CHEYENNE - Voters could decide next year whether medical marijuana will be legal in Wyoming.
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The science behind Sanjay Gupta and WEED 3

Image of marijuana flower top
Trauma neurosurgeon turned journalist Dr. San Jay Gupta fired another broadside into cannabis prohibition Sunday with the one-hour CNN special WEED 3, on the eve of 4/20.
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21 medical benefits of marijuana

Image of the interior of a medical marijuana dispensary
Despite the fact that the Drug Enforcement Agency categorizes marijuana as a schedule I drug, one that has no accepted medical use, a majority of Americans have thought medical pot should be legal since the late 1990s — and a majority now support recreational legalization as well.
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Breaking - Obama Comes Around, States Full Support Of Medical Marijuana

Image of President Obama
Johan Bennett~ The Daily Caller ~
In a CNN special to be aired on Sunday, not only will President Barack Obama state his full support of medical marijuana, he’ll also advocate for alternative models of drug abuse treatment which don’t involve incarceration.
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Colorado patients speak up about need for medical marijuana testing

Image of legal Colorado medical marijuana
Kristen Wyatt ~ Associated Press ~
A Colorado proposal to require safety testing for medical marijuana, same as recreational pot, won unanimous approval Wednesday on its first test in the state Legislature.
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U.S. judge won't remove marijuana from most-dangerous drug list

Image of Marijuana plants on display at a dispensary in Oakland
Maura Dolan ~ The LA Times ~
Judge Kimberly Mueller says it is up to Congress to decide whether to reclassify marijuana
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Dr. Sanjay Gupta - It is time for a medical marijuana revolution


I see signs of a revolution everywhere.

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