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More professional women are taking the lead in the legal cannabis industry

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Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy
A growing number of women, especially those with degrees in STEM fields, are finding unique opportunities in the legal marijuana sector.
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The Politics of Legal Marijuana

Image of NCIA Deputy Director Taylor West
Bruce Kennedy  ~  WeedWorthy ~
Taylor West, Deputy Director of the National Cannabis Industry Association, talks about how much the American political landscape has changed when it comes to lawmakers and their perceptions of legal marijuana
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MMDR - Medical Marijuana Desk Reference, 1st Ed. Now on Sale

Image of the Medical Marijuana Desk Reference Book
The Medical Marijuana Desk Reference is a comprehensive and up-to-date guide on the scientific research of Cannabis species for medical treatment by Alicia K. Wilbur, PHD
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Medical Use of Marijuana Does Not Increase Youths' Use, Study Finds

Image of marijuana plants
Marijuana use did not increase among teenagers in the states in which medical marijuana has become legal, researchers reported Monday.
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America now has a marijuana resort

Image of a Colorado vacationer enjoying legal recreational marijuana at a resort near Durango.
While $420 seems like a more appropriate price, starting at $395 per person per night, marijuana smokers can treat themselves to a cannabis-filled Colorado vacation.
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Desperate Parents Of Autistic Children Trying Cannabis Despite Lack Of Studies

Image of Liza and Haley Smith, advocating for medical marijuana
Parents of severely autistic children are turning to medical marijuana for relief.
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Abbott signs bill to legalize medical cannabis for epilepsy

Image of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signing a bill June 1st 2015 legalizing medical cannabis for epilepsy.
AUSTIN, Texas -- Republican Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill Monday legalizing medical cannabis for epilepsy. The new law gives epilepsy patients access to low doses of cannabis oil.
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House Votes In Favor Of Medical Marijuana Protections

Image of Legal Marijuana
WASHINGTON -- The House of Representatives voted Wednesday to reauthorize an amendment that would protect medical marijuana operations from federal interference in states where the drug is legal, siding with a majority of Americans who say that medical marijuana is an issue best left to the states.
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The "Cannabis Effect" on Denver's housing market

Image of a recreational marijuana store in Denver Colorado
Denver's housing market is on fire.
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How Washington Could Become Even More Marijuana-Friendly

Image of legal recreational marijuana flower top
As a resident of Washington state, I've witnessed some big changes over the past decade -- but perhaps none bigger than the legalization of marijuana on a recreation basis.
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Texas Governor Abbott to sign limited medical marijuana bill into law

Image of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott
AUSTIN, TEXAS (Attorney General) - Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is scheduled to sign a bill into law Monday that recognizes the medical benefits of marijuana.
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Here's how big the legal pot business will be by 2020

Image of Legal Marijuana
Legal marijuana is already big business in America. Colorado alone sold more than $700 million worth of legal weed in 2014, its first full-year of legal recreational and medical sales.
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New Denver hotel allows marijuana use

Image of the Nativ Hotel, Denver's first marijuana friendly hotel.
DENVER — In LoDo, the Nativ Hotel is set to open. Thursday through Saturday there will be a series of functions to welcome the boutique hotel that allows marijuana use.
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Marijuana Prices Drop 5%

Image of legal marijuana and cash
Marijuana prices are actually measured nationwide, although it seems odd that numbers for what is an illegal substance in many states could be tracked.
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What will 2016 bring for the cannabis legalization movement?

Image of Leslie Bocskor, advocate for the expansion of the legal cannabis industry in the United States.
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~
Nevada-based investor and marijuana advocate Leslie Bocskor believes the campaign towards national legalization of adult cannabis has already been set in motion
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Legal Marijuana Business 2015: Accurate Testing For Potency Lacking In Cannabis Industry, But May Be On Its Way

Image of the Luminary Profiler device used to determine the potency of marijuana from Sage Analytics.
CHICAGO -- Everything from antacids to frozen veggies has a label detailing nutritional values and active ingredients, but when it comes to cannabis that information has been sorely lacking.
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Cannabis Companies Mirror Corporate America For Women

Image a woman protesting for legalized marijuana.
The quickly growing cannabis industry looks just like the rest of corporate America.
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First Church of Cannabis could test RFRA

Image of Bill Levin, founder of Indian's First Church of Cannabis.
Courts ultimately might have to decide whether practices amount to sincere religion
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Here's what might happen to marijuana prices if it were legalized across the US

Image of legal marijuana at The Grass Station, one of Denver's best recreational marijuana dispensaries.
Over the last two decades marijuana has practically been an unstoppable force.
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Marijuana Legalization 2015: Women Are Making Their Mark On The Cannabis Industry

Image of Jazmin Hupp, co-founder of Women Grow
CHICAGO -- Six months after graduating from college, Julie Berliner had to make a life-changing decision: pursue a career as an elementary school teacher or take a chance on the budding marijuana industry in Colorado.
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