The state's first license for a medical marijuana pharmacy was awarded Tuesday in the greater New Orleans region to the longstanding owner of H&W Drug Store to dispense the drug at a proposed Gentilly location.

After years of discussion about medical marijuana in Louisiana, production of the plant is approaching, pharmacies are angling for exclusive permits to sell the drug and doctors are slowly becoming licensed to prescribe it to patients.

Councilmember would 'rather see police spend their time on other crimes.'

Southern University, one of two licensed medical marijuana growers in Louisiana, held a town hall last night and announced a timeline for seeking out a private partner to grow and produce marijuana into chewables, oils, pills or powders.

BATON ROUGE – Louisiana State University will begin taking offers from contractors to produce marijuana for the state for medical purposes.

BATON ROUGE, La. — Louisiana State University and Southern University want to begin growing marijuana for medical use.

Gov. John Bel Edwards signed a landmark medical marijuana bill into law Thursday (May 19) that is expected to make medical marijuana available to patients for the first time in Louisiana history.

The House of Representatives on Wednesday passed medical marijuana legislation designed to allow patients access to the drug nearly 40 years after the state first legalized the drug in the late 1970s.

BATON ROUGE — A bill that would expand medical marijuana in Louisiana cleared another hurdle, moving it one step away from final legislative passage.

BATON ROUGE — University agriculture centers might soon be able to start growing marijuana and its plant cousin, hemp, for industrial and medicinal purposes.

Notorious for its strict marijuana laws, Louisiana is looking at legalized weed as a way to get out of debt. What will happen to its prisoners?

NEW ORLEANS (WWL-TV) — State lawmakers are reportedly discussing legalizing marijuana in Louisiana. To help fill an immediate $850 million budget shortfall the governor wants to raise taxes while Republicans want deeper reductions.

NEW ORLEANS — Getting caught with marijuana in Orleans Parish could hold less penalties than getting a parking or speeding ticket.

NEW ORLEANS —Some consider it very controversial: medical marijuana. But as more states are beginning to move toward allowing it as a treatment for some diseases or illnesses, one Louisiana mother feels this state is lagging behind the times. To treat her daughter’s illness, she’s packing her bags.


Some days, Ella Grace is at her best: smiling, saying “cheese,” playing on the jungle gym and being a typical 4-year-old. But her mother, Michele Hall, said it's not the norm.

"Today is a very, very good day," Hall said. "She's thinking, she's talking, she's interacting, she was performing for you. Those are very rare, rare days in my world."

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