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Calif. Cannabis Delivery Service Launches Ad Blitz – Marijuana News

Emphasizing the need to honor California’s farmers and their unique challenges, The California Way advertising blitz is supplemented by digital ad placements on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

As full legalization of marijuana sales ramps up over the next two years in California, there is growing concern that corporate interests will hold sway over the state’s cannabis farmers.

To address that concern and in advance of April 20, considered by those in the weed culture to be a national holiday, Flow Kana, a marijuana delivery service founded in 2015, is launching an advertising blitz with omnichannel marketing.

The new ad campaign, titled "The California Way," uses images and quotes from actual California cannabis farmers to personify the tens of thousands of individuals, families and collectives who together comprise California’s most lucrative agricultural industry.

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Nina Lentini ~ MediaPost.com ~

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