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The regulations that will govern Pennsylvania's nascent medical-marijuana industry are quickly taking shape.
Menéndez plans to try and expand medical marijuana to more patients in 2017 when the Texas Legislature gets back to work.
ATLANTA - Georgia parents fighting to get their children potentially life changing medicine are furious over a federal government’s decision on marijuana.
A measure allowing people in North Dakota to purchase marijuana for treatment of nearly a dozen medical conditions will be placed on the Nov. 8 ballot.
Arizona voters are poised to decide whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use.
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton plans to reschedule marijuana if she is elected in November, according to a statement issued by the campaign.
The Vermont progressive has introduced legislation that would free states to regulate it as they see fit.
The Drug Enforcement Administration announced Thursday that it is ending the federal government’s decades-long monopoly on cultivation of marijuana for research purposes, a move that is expected to usher in more scientific analysis of the plant’s medical benefits.
The Obama administration is planning to remove a major roadblock to marijuana research, officials said Wednesday, potentially spurring broad scientific study of a drug that is being used to treat dozens of diseases in states across the nation despite little rigorous evidence of its effectiveness.
CINCINNATI — The state of Ohio is hiring a pot expert, specifically someone to assist with the cultivation of marijuana.
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) -- Marijuana possession in small amounts in Illinois will be punishable by fines but not jail time after Gov. Bruce Rauner signed legislation Friday that makes the state the third largest to decriminalize minor pot offenses.
TRENTON — Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said Friday he would not use federal laws to eliminate legalized marijuana in states like Colorado.
California’s lieutenant governor fully supports legalizing recreational pot.
PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Advocates for the legalization of possession and recreational use marijuana will be opening a campaign headquarters in Portland ahead of the November ballot.
For the cannabis-conscious voter, Kaine can be described in one word: unimpressive.
WASHINGTON – Democrats meeting in Philadelphia have made history, voting to approve a national platform that endorses a “pathway” for the legalization of marijuana.