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A bill introduced in the Colorado Senate last week would allow you to get weed delivered to your house.
Adult-use cannabis legalization is sweeping across the nation, and globe.
Thursday morning, Texas state Representative Joe Moody, surrounded by police officers and a retired judge, took a lectern at the Texas Capitol to argue for something he’s pushed hard for over the last two legislative sessions — the decriminalization of marijuana possession.
COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The issue of legalizing marijuana for medical use was discussed at the South Carolina State House Thursday.
ST. PAUL — Legalizing recreational marijuana would fall into the hands of voters if a proposal by State Rep. Jason Metsa, DFL-Virginia, makes its way through the Legislature.
Republican Congressman Introduces Bill That Would Resolve the Conflict Between State and Federal Marijuana Laws, Allow States to Determine Their Own Policies.
House Bill 170 would legalize possession of up to two ounces of marijuana by adults 21 or older, who would be able to grow limited amounts of cannabis at home.
MADISON (WLUK) --- Democratic state lawmakers are looking to legalize medical marijuana.
A bill that would legalize hemp production in New Mexico passed another legislative hurdle on Monday.
But does the proposal go far enough?
BISMARCK — A Senate bill rewriting language of Measure 5 would institute $300 fees for applicants wanting medical marijuana cards and a $100,000 fee for certification of compassion centers that would manufacture and dispense the substance.
ATLANTA -- The controversial fight to expand Georgia’s medical marijuana law got off the ground at the state capitol Wednesday.
San Diego legalized recreational pot dispensaries on Tuesday and the city also opened up the possibility it will allow pot farms, manufacturing facilities and testing labs.
State regulators and government officials involved in crafting rules for the budding legal and medical marijuana industry are going to pot.
RICHMOND, Va. – Virginia won’t be pulling a Colorado by decriminalizing marijuana this year. But the state might relax its penalties for possessing marijuana and its rules on who can use marijuana products for medical reasons.
INDIANAPOLIS — When the Indiana Legislature allowed a Senate committee to hear testimony on a medical marijuana-related bill, some proponents saw a glimmer of hope.