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When pot is this good, people don't give up. And Florida is not giving up on medical-grade marijuana anytime soon.
In fact, in coming weeks the second political push to legalize medical marijuana in the Sunshine State via a constitutional amendment will be underway.
Last year, 58 percent of state voters approved such an amendment. However, the legislation needed 60 percent voter-approval to pass. So close, yet so far.
Now leaders of United for Care, the grassroots organization backed by a powerful Orlando attorney, John Morgan, expect to hit the ground sometime in June to build support.
It's too bad all this is taking so long. It's too bad lawmakers didn't see the light last year and pass a solid medical marijuana law. It's too bad the people of the great state of Florida have to finish the job.
At least the odds are good.
United for Care has plenty of resources left from the failed 2014 campaign, including thousands of now-experienced, impassioned volunteers, ballot language that already has passed legal muster and Morgan's checkbook.
The first challenge will be to get 100,000 petition signatures to trigger a state Supreme Court review of new amendment language. After that, the group will have to collect a total of 600,000 signatures to get the law on the ballot.
This is the best way to go. Florida lawmakers have proved they have no desire to help the scores of sick Floridians, children included, who would benefit medically from marijuana use. The natural drug alleviates pain, grows appetite and calms patients.
Florida voters, you know what you have to do. You have to deliver a medical marijuana law yourselves.

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