Dr. Bronner’s again showed support for psychedelic efforts around the country. Dr. Bronner’s is pushing for psilocybin reform once again. According to state filings, Washington D.C.-based New Approach PAC, a lobbyist group, funded $14,000 between August and September to local firm Grossman Solutions to promote drug policy reform in Connecticut. Dr.
The West Virginia Office of Medical Cannabis will hold a public signup event for medical cannabis patients from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday at the Parkersburg Municipal Building, 1 Government Square. To sign up, patients who have already been certified by a registered physician as having an applicable serious medical condition must bring the followi
The argument could be made that CBD has effectively replaced THC as the most famous three-letter acronym associated with cannabis at the moment. But let’s not get the two mixed up. CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of the compounds found in cannabis plants. Hemp and marijuana both belong to the cannabis plant family, and while they have their diffe
Olivia Newton-John has provided a health update as she battles cancer. livia Newton-John has opened up on USA TODAY overnight about her ongoing health battle with cancer revealing cannabis use has been a huge part of her healing.  (Image Source: Getty Images.) Newton-John was first diagnosed with cancer in 1992, overcoming the disease in 2013 only
A Chicago-based medical marijuana company is spending $170 million to expand in Pennsylvania through a pair of acquisitions which include a Lancaster dispensary and a Mount Joy growing-and-processing operation. Cresco Labs recently agreed to buy three Cure Penn dispensaries, including one here on Fruitville Pike in the former Kmart Plaza, plus disp
  Scam artists are giving a whole new meaning to trick or treat. With Halloween around the corner, police want you to take extra precautions to keep children safe.     Law enforcement agencies are asking parents to check every piece of candy their child receives. Be on the lookout for tampered treats or marijuana edibles inside packing that appeals
The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority issued a patient advisory recently after confirming the presence of THC analogs, including THC-O-acetate, in a rising number of medical marijuana products.   According to the OMMA, the manufactured THC compound is not a medical marijuana product and has been shown to be harmful when added to products already
It’s been nearly three years since the first medical marijuana dispensary opened in Ohio and a little more than half of the state’s marijuana card holders are either “extremely dissatisfied” or “somewhat dissatisfied” with the program. That’s just one of the results of a recent report prepared by the Drug Enforcement and Policy Center at Ohio State
he Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority has issued a warning about a potentially dangerous compound circulating in the state. The agency is investigating reports that the compound, THC-O-acetate, was found in at least one batch, possibly more. THC-O-acetate is at least three times more potent than THC and can be harmful if combined with medical mar
Cannabinoids are chemical compounds presentTrusted Source in the Cannabis sativa (C. sativa) plant. Some people use cannabis therapeutically to treat seizures, pain, inflammation, spasms, and anxiety. CBD and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the two major cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. However, CBD does not produce a euphoric fee
Costa Rica’s Congress on Tuesday approved the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes, despite opposition from conservative groups and President Carlos Alvarado, who still needs to put his stamp of approval on the law. The law allows for the production and processing of cannabis, but does not regulate its recreational use. Independent lawm
With some states legalizing the use of cannabis, the social stigma on the subject may start to loosen up. Today, cannabis seems to have become more popular and accessible to people. In fact, there are fitness gurus and athletes who even start to speak of its benefits. Nowadays, some fitness enthusiasts incorporate cannabis before or after their wor
When you are too close to any open flame, the pain acts as a warning system. When your skin, joints, muscles, or other organs are damaged, pain prompts you to seek medical attention. It is a generally acknowledged sensation felt in subtle ways or as potent and more piercing sensations. This warning sign is frequently beneficial since it encourages
The Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association is encouraging its members to provide free or low-cost cannabis products to patients with severe or terminal illnesses. MCMA’s Board of Directors unanimously passed a resolution last week that asks member companies to create a program to ensure seriously ill patients have access to low- or no-cost can
The FDA can “emergency approve” vaccines but have taken more than 50-years to admit that cannabis has medical properties. If there’s one thing you can say about the avid cannabis smoker is that they do love their conspiracies. Now, let me get something straight about conspiracies — they do happen. There’s this idea that if you’re a “conspiracy theo
New study finds that patients with neuropathic pain may benefit from cannabis-based medicine or medical cannabis. Cannabis-based medicines (CBM) and medical cannabis (MC) were found to be safe and even displayed some positive effects among patients with neuropathic pain. It’s been suggested that cannabis-based medicines or medical cannabis could po