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A survey in Germany has found more than half of patients with Parkinson’s disease who use medical cannabis have self-reported beneficial clinical effects. Analysis of more than 1,300 patient questionnaires revealed over 8% of patients with PD reported using cannabis products and 54% of those reported a beneficial clinical effect. More than 40% of u
Hannah Deacon, mother of 9-year-old, severely epileptic Alfie Dingley, is one of the people that Brexit will impact most, as the country settles into the reality of leaving the European Union. Instead of cannabis oil imports from the Netherlands being ceased immediately, they will be able to continue for at least another six months.  The Struggle T
North Dakota lawmakers heard several bills on Tuesday aimed at improving the state’s medical marijuana program for patients. Voters in 2016 approved medical marijuana; the 2017 Legislature implemented the program. It has 4,450 active patient cards, with eight dispensaries operating in the state, including one in Bismarck. The state’s first dispensa
Two Ozarks communities, both with roughly 15,000 people living in them, are getting medical marijuana dispensaries. Lebanon's first licensed dispensary opened Friday morning, and one in Carthage is expected to open Saturday. Blue Sage Cannabis Company, located at 1210 Deadra Drive on the east side of Lebanon, attracted "several hundred" people for
One exciting development that the United States could see this year in terms of marijuana is a less restrictive attitude toward medicinal use. As part of the party’s campaign platform in the 2020 election, the Democrats, which are set to control the majority in Congress, revealed that “we will support legalization of medical marijuana.” Although th
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder that is distinguished by obsession, habits and rituals, such as, for example, things that are always done when opening a door. These behaviours are often carried out to accomplish a “just-right feeling”. The disorder is commonly comorbid with other conditions, including Tourette syndrome. O
While so much is still unknown about marijuana’s effects on antidepressants, your personal answer may reside in two important pieces of information. For the over 16 million Americans with depression, many are seeking alternative remedies to alleviate their symptoms and turning to marijuana. Marijuana has been studied for its affects on the mood and
Ireland’s Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly TD, has announced provision for the delivery and funding of the country’s Medicinal Cannabis Access Programme. Ireland’s then-Minister for Health Simon Harris signed legislation to kick off a formal medical cannabis program in Ireland in July last year and it was expected the program would be up and r
Australian researchers report they have shown synthetic CBD can kill a range of bacteria responsible for conditions like gonorrhoea, meningitis and legionnaires disease, a find they suggest could lead to the first new class of antibiotics for resistant bacteria in six decades. To test the antimicrobial activity of cannabidiol (CBD), the research te
The mother of a nine-year-old boy with a severe and rare form of epilepsy who was told Brexit would end the supply of a life-changing cannabis medicine that saved her son’s life has been given a six-month reprieve. Hannah Deacon said she was hugely grateful after being given the lifeline by the Dutch government, which has sanctioned continued suppl
There has been much debate about whether cannabis use is still acceptable for those in treatment for substance abuse, or whether those folks would be triggered by the use of cannabis. While everyone is different, there is now a new study supporting the idea that cannabis use is connected to a decrease in alcohol consumption by alcoholics.  The stud
There’s been a lot of talk about how, and whether, cannabis can be used in place of antibiotics. Centuries of natural medicine traditions tell us ‘yes’ already, but now the Western medicine world is finally catching up. New research highlights how cannabis antibiotics are a likely and reasonable answer to the issue of disease-resistant bacteria. If
Most people know fibromyalgia as a health condition that can cause pain all over the body. That's true, but it also can lead to other issues, such as lack of sleep, chronic fatigue, and emotional and mental health issues. Fibromyalgia patients (at least four million of them in the United States) always search for treatments that can help combat the
Funding has been made available for a new programme providing cannabis-based medical products to patients to begin later this year, the Department of Health has announced. Use of products licensed under the Medicinal Cannabis Access Programme can apply where conventional treatments are unsuccessful. The types of conditions that might benefit from s
Like many chronic lifestyle-related diseases, inflammation is at the core. Obesity may be no different. When it comes to obesity, doctors oftentimes prescribe medications to treat the accompanying co-morbidities, such as high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and dysregulated blood glucose. Some note, however, that inflammation is at the root of
Those who have undergone a liver transplant may not have to fret about using cannabis after the procedure, according to a new study published this month. The research, published in the journal Clinical Transportation, was based on the examinations of 900 patients. Researchers examined the patients both prior to and after the liver transplantation,