Augusta boy receives cannabis oil treatment (CBDs) ~ Donna Lowry, WXIA7:02 p.m. EST December 31, 2014

Cannabis Oil CBDs help boy in Geogia

A 7-year-old boy in Augusta has become the first in the state to receive cannabis oil to treat seizures. WXIA


ATLANTA (WXIA) -- A 7-year-old boy in Augusta has become the first in the state to receive cannabis oil to treat seizures.

"Even though Preston's on it (the drug, Epidiolex), Preston and I are still going to fight for all the other ones, too," said Valerie Weaver, Preston's mom about her son receiving his first treatment on Tuesday.

Weaver knows her son is a trailblazer in Georgia.

Beginning Tuesday, at the Georgia Regents University in Augusta, Preston began receiving a small, twice daily dose of cannabis oil to help curb the 60 to 80 seizures he has a day.

Preston is one of two children who will undergo the clinical trial -- an initiative Governor Nathan Deal announced last spring after legislation legalizing the drug failed in the General Assembly earlier in the year.

"We'll be at the capitol every single time we need to be there until this becomes legal and every child in this state has the option," said Weaver.

"There's a real need to address more than just that one illness," said State Sen. Curt Thompson, (D-DeKalb County).

State Senator Curt Thompson wants lawmakers to not only help Preston and others with seizure disorders, and has already introduced a bill to help make medical marijuana legal for a variety of illnesses.

"Illnesses ranging from late stage cancer to HIV to Parkinson's to the much more traditional epilepsy," said Thompson.

He not only wants to legalize cannabis oil, but marijuana in other forms.

"For some people it's a pill. Or, it's suppositories," said Thompson. "In some state's there's actually an injectable EPI-Pen version of the CBD (cannabidiol) oil. The traditional method of treating glaucoma is the smokable form. I'm not saying that's right or wrong, I'm just saying that's traditional."

Sen. Thompson not only hopes this is a step toward making medical marijuana legal, but he has introduced it a resolution asking for voters to consider a constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana.

"We're the tenth largest state. It warrants that discussion. Other states have had the discussion, especially with the revenue issues we're having," said Thompson.

He says taxes on marijuana sales could help fund transportation and education in Georgia.



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