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DeepCell Industries, a Seattle startup that helps develop technology for cannabis-infused products and brands, has raised $410,000 to fuel growth.
As with any new consumer industry, now that more people have access to marijuana, there are businesses who want to offer them tools and gadgets to go along with their legal medical or recreational pot.
A sports car made from cannabis hemp could lead the charge in making carbon neutral vehicles.
Technology is rapidly adapting to the cannabis industry. Whether it is working towards improvements on the agriculture side or creating cannabis friendly social media, technology is being used to solve some challenging issues in this new industry.
Marijuana is legal in some capacity in 23 states and the District of Columbia, but Facebook doesn't seem to "like" it very much these days.
With companies marketing drugs directly to consumers promising cures for almost anything, an increasingly destigmatized cannabis seems a likely target for the industry’s next game-changing medicine.
An anti-legalization advocate urges followers to 'report' more pages.
TRENTON, N.J. (AP) -- Three of New Jersey's five medical marijuana dispensaries have had their business pages shutdown by Facebook, cutting off what advocates call an integral place for customers to learn about which plant strains best treat their illness and where to find discounts.
SEATTLE -- Washington state troopers are keeping a close eye on their colleagues in Colorado who continue testing new technology aimed at keeping drivers high on marijuana off the road.
Pop a pot pod into your Keurig machine to get a medicinal dose with your java. There may soon be a new use for your Keurig coffee maker — brewing pot.
Melissa Santos ~ NewsTribune.com ~   Researchers at Washington State University say they think they are about a year away from having a portable breath test that police can use to detect if someone has recently consumed marijuana.
Wendy Koch ~ National Geographic ~   Times are changing for the cannabis cousins. States are legalizing marijuana, and the U.S. is easing its ban on growing hemp. Will a hemp boom follow?
Eddie Miller ~ TechCrunch.com ~   Technology will play a huge role in the cannabis industry’s future legitimacy.
Anthony Cuthbertson ~ International Business Times ~   Pot smokers in California will soon be able to order marijuana online, pay for it using the virtual currency bitcoin, and have it delivered to them via drone.
Danya Bacchus and Samantha Tatro ~ NBC San Diego ~ The new smartphone application Eaze delivers medical marijuana to a user’s home.
Smell The Truth ~   Cannabis and technology — two of the Bay Area’s biggest exports — are about to become even more intertwined.