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More and more people are going to be interested in growing their own marijuana after this year’s US election, which made marijuana usage legal both recreationally and medically in even more states.
Say goodbye to your sad make-shift stash-holder.
As cannabis has increasingly gone legitimate, electric utilities have struggled to cope with the intensive energy demands of the proliferating industry.
A greenhouse industry expert looks at whether it is better to retrofit existing greenhouses, or to purpose-build greenhouses for marijuana growing.
Technology closes in on a roadside device to check pot levels — but the definition of stoned driving remains elusive.
As marijuana laws continue to loosen across the country -- and the world -- it looks like hemp could be brought back in a big way.
The future is now! Virtual reality technology is here and quickly improving.
For the third time in three years, Fluence Bioengineering, an Austin company that makes lights for indoor plant growing, has moved into a yet-bigger manufacturing facility.
Everything from high-tech advancements in edible weed to big-data analysis can be seen at this year's New West Summit in San Francisco.
We speak with Randy Mortensen, who heads up a division of Lighting Science focused on cannabis and indoor agriculture.
29-year-old is the lead agronomist for a British Columbia marijuana company.
A former NASA researcher who spent his time looking into plant-based life-support systems for long-duration space missions has a new focus: indoor cannabis cultivation.
Hempcrete — a mixture of hemp stalk, water and lime — could pave the way toward a sustainable future.
"User-friendly" is not a word we hear often when describing marijuana edibles.
As with any new consumer industry, now that more people have access to marijuana, there are businesses who want to offer them tools and gadgets to go along with their legal medical or recreational pot.
A sports car made from cannabis hemp could lead the charge in making carbon neutral vehicles.