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BOULDER, CO — Surna Inc. (OTCQB: SRNA), an engineering, manufacturing, and installation company specializing in commercial indoor cannabis cultivation technology, announced today it has finalized an exclusive $1.1 million contract to design, build and install the climate control systems for grower CWNevada.
CWNevada is one of the largest indoor cannabis cultivation facilities in Las Vegas, and was recently granted a Nevada grow license as the state prepares its infrastructure for the growth and distribution of legal medical marijuana in 2015. The Company’s 48,000 square-foot facility requires more than 700 tons of cooling equipment. Surna will provide CWNevada with their proprietary climate control technology which lends greater latitude and precision to the cultivation process while improving energy efficiency.
“The CWNevada contract will allow Surna to further demonstrate the efficiency and necessity of our cultivation technology,” said Tom Bollich, Surna’s Chief Executive Officer. “Indoor cannabis cultivation is more technically demanding than most people realize. The slightest deviation in temperature, timing, or light spectrum dramatically impacts the quality of the subject plant. Surna’s technology uses less power and stabilizes certain growth factors so indoor growers can consistently provide quality cannabis at a reduced cost. We believe our product line to be essential to the industry, so we are strategically moving forward to establish similar contracts with other large commercial indoor growers throughout North America,” Bollich said.
Revenue from the contract will be recognized throughout 2015 subject to start-date modification by CWNevada.
Surna management believes that CWNevada has the potential to become one of the top cultivators in Nevada once equipped with Surna’s chillers.
“We will grow Charlotte’s Web for patients with intractable epilepsy,” said Brian Padgett, Principal at CWNevada.  “These patients and their families are counting on us to grow the medicine they need on time, every time so there is no shortage of supply.  After researching every available option, we chose Surna for our air cooling needs. Any savings we achieve pertaining to energy costs can be subsequently passed on to the consumer. Selecting Surna was the obvious, logical choice,” added Tim Smits, Principal at CWNevada.
On November 3, 2014, the state of Nevada issued 182 provisional licenses to medical marijuana cultivation facilities, 13 of which are located in Las Vegas. Nevada is one of 23 key states to permit the regulated cultivation and distribution of medical marijuana. Sales are slated to begin in early 2015.
By Press Release ~ January 13, 2015 ~ The Daily Chronic

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