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The legalization of marijuana is opening the door for novel career paths, such as the nation’s first pot style writer
With the legalization of marijuana came a lot of things. Some expected, like the rise in tourism to Colorado; others were less expected: such as the creation of new career prospects. With the plethora of marijuana on hand, the Denver Post now has its very own website dedicated to all things green-leafed, The Cannabist, and on staff is Katie Shapiro, recently introduced to the world as ‘the nation’s first weed style writer’ by Racked.
Legalization automatically means that the wealth of choice and availability of different strains of marijuana would grow. And just like wine or movies, the need for a weed critic was quickly spotted by the Post – someone who could discern the good bud from the bad. And while Jake Browne filled that role, Katie Shapiro spotted a hole in The Cannabist’s coverage. Beyond just the plant itself, Shapiro, a freelance writer, saw the need for more coverage on the fashion side of marijuana. 
She tells PSFK:
    My goal with what I cover is to try and elevate the often negative stereotype of “stoner” culture – whether it’s a designer that’s putting a beautiful spin on the pot leaf, luxury smoking accessories or profiling successful creative types that are proud pot smokers.
As The Cannabist’s Style Writer, Shapiro writes about the connections between pot and fashion. December featured her Christmas gift guides for the “High Roller” and the “Superfly Stoner” along with green gifts under $100. Shapiro also writes a regular Q&A column, Shop Sesh, where she visits and interviews curators, artists, builders and designers who smoke weed as part of their creative process.
For Shapiro, this connection to creativity is where she sees the legalization of marijuana influencing the fashion industry. “I think the most basic comparison [between the two is] that fashion is fueled by creativity and for some, marijuana can fuel creativity,” she says. “Marijuana has always had its place in culture – especially among art, music, and fashion. But now that it’s legal, it will be interesting to see how the fashion industry will embrace it – there’s a huge opportunity to blend the two.”
By Daniela Walker on January 13, 2015

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