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Julie Turkewitz ~ New York Times ~   A look at Colorado’s only pot-themed FM radio station, which made its debut June 1   ~
Nick Gass ~ Politico ~   Former President Bill Clinton made a marijuana-related joke during a Clinton Global Initiative event on Wednesday with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.
CBS This Morning ~    The number of companies looking to cash in on marijuana is growing, including some with celebrity backers, like Melissa Etheridge, reports CBS News correspondent Gigi Stone Woods.
Jasper Hamill ~ Mirror ~   Scientists have discovered a tribe of modern-day hunter gatherers smoked cannabis to ward off parasites - suggesting ancient humans may also have had a taste for the high life.
Julie Weed ~ Forbes ~   A mini-boom of pot-related magazines, cookbooks, growers’ manuals and other publications has sprung up  alongside marijuana legalization. Here is a sample for those seeking to grow, bake, sell or learn about cannabis…
CBS Interactive ~   "Good morning! Thank you so much for tuning into K-HIGH, your weed station!"
Ryan Gajewski ~ Hollywood Reporter ~    Morgan Freeman doesn't understand why marijuana isn't legal.
Larry Getlen ~ New york Post ~   In 1977, just two days after spending several hours in a Bahamian jail on a marijuana-possession charge... 
Chris Macias ~ Sacramento Bee ~   Marijuana. It’s what’s for dinner.
Jacob Sullum ~ Reason.com   The likely presidential candidates now says states should be free to legalize.