Legal marijuana is reportedly the fastest-growing industry in the United States, and Nancy Grace is not thrilled about that.
On Tuesday's episode of HLN's "Nancy Grace," she and Dr. Drew Pinsky got into a heated debate about marijuana legalization.
Grace pointed to a recent case in which a man in Colorado was accused of killing his wife after eating marijuana candy, saying it is a perfect example of how dangerous pot can be.
hen Pinsky disagreed, saying the incident could have been due to a prescription drug withdrawal, Grace quipped, “Dr. Drew, I really appreciate ‘Dr. Drew on Call’ -- I do, I’m a big fan -- but you’re in our house now."
“In the police report that you say is the factual matter that you have taken off the Internet, there were empty pill bottles found in his room," Pinsky shot back. "And the fact is … there’s a common thing right now that people are being dismissed from their medical care … because they go into withdrawal and in fact they use pot to try to deal with withdrawal from the prescription meds.”
The debate then continued on HLN's "Dr. Drew On Call," when Pinsky noted that taxes from pot sales could benefit rehab centers and education, but Grace didn't buy it.
"Never once has the federal government or state governments said, ‘You know what, let’s not spend all these millions of dollars on pork. Let’s try to rehab people … It ain’t happening, Drew.”
By Leigh Weingus ~ Huff Post ~ January 28, 2015

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