What does the legal marijuana industry have to be grateful for, as it celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday and looks ahead to 2016?

Evan Nison, president of NisonCo, a New Jersey-based public relations firm, recently asked some cannabis business leaders to comment on that subject. Here are their thoughts:


“While the cannabis industry is one full of exciting opportunities and innovations that can benefit society, legitimization is needed to ensure that best practices (such as using sustainable energy, securing proper approval for crop distribution, and maintaining low barriers to entry) are carried out. I’m grateful to states that have legalized cannabis, so that patients, consumers, and business owners in the space can reap their rewards while also contributing to their communities through these best practices.”  

 -Eli Bilton, CEO, Attis Group


“When a state legalizes cannabis, it creates a new and relatively stable micro-economy with a plethora of diverse job opportunities.  Since each state's cannabis program is bound by state lines they must employ local citizens for everything from dispensary owners, to growers and cultivators, consultants, sales associates, bud tenders and more.  Legal cannabis allows for a high degree of flexibility and quality in one’s employment options and I’m grateful to the industry for allowing individuals to find work that they not only need, but also enjoy.”  

 -Derek Peterson, CEO, Terra Tech Corp.


“Without permission to conduct research regarding the utility of medical marijuana, patients suffering from chronic and terminal conditions inevitably suffer through no fault of their own. The movement to legalize cannabis continues to provide benefits in the form of increased access to and development of medical marijuana for those that need it most. It’s for this reason that I’m beyond grateful to states that have decided to legalize cannabis.”

-Seth Yakatan, CEO, Kalytera


“I'm grateful for the fact that we live in an age where the laws are going in the right direction, allowing me to do something I'm passionate about without it being seen as 'taboo' by the general public. Our generation is more open minded and accepting of people's beliefs and choices, and the fact that lawmakers are following suit is a great thing not only for the cannabis community, but society in general.”   

-Jamie Rosen, founder and CEO, Dr. Dabber


“I am grateful that Colorado leads with thoughtfulness, specifically for the leadership that Colorado has shown with cannabis legalization.  In this role, Colorado is demonstrating that thoughtful regulation and compassion are mightier than a ‘war’ on any social issue.”

“I am grateful for cannabis legalization because it is the next Great American Industry, men and women will soon be able to avoid incarceration for something that is considered medicine for others, and that we can overcome propaganda, explore and celebrate the truth about cannabis, as one nation.”   

-Ralph Morgan, CEO, O.penVAPE


“For cannabis professionals like myself, the tide of legalization presents myriad opportunities to innovate within one of the most dynamic industries in the world. More significantly, GreenRush’s constituents, cannabis patients and the delivery dispensaries that serve them, are the primary beneficiaries of legalization: patients who are no longer required to hide their relief from cannabis medication, and delivery dispensaries who are able to openly, proudly provide medicine delivery to the chronically ill, homebound and elderly. Legalization represents authentic, holistic healing for cannabis patients, those who serve them, the cannabis industry, and society as a whole.”  

 -Paul Warshaw, CEO, GreenRush

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