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The Arizona-based creator of Juicy Rips says his products show how open the legal marijuana industry and its consumers are to innovation.
Another sign of how the legal marijuana industry has not only gone mainstream, but is also reacting like other, traditional retailers to the ebb and flow of the U.S. consumer market.
Juicy Rips, a company based in Phoenix, Arizona, says it’s getting traction from its current autumn-themed line of flavorings for bong and dab users.
Among the 50 different flavors available, the company says it is seeing more interest in smells and tastes traditionally associated with the fall months and the upcoming Halloween holiday, such as Caramel Apple, Pumpkin Pie and Candy Corn.
The brainchild of veteran businessman Cory Stacy, Juicy Rips began this past May but is already seeing some strong growth and consumer interest; with steady sales and a 30,000 fan following across social media.
Stacy says he and his wife began Juicy Rips in response to questions that kept popping up among their friends in the cannabis community.
“Bong and dab rig users, they’re always trading different secrets and recipes as to what they’re putting in their bongs,” he tells WeedWorthy. “There was nothing out there on the market, so I said, ‘I’m going to see what I can do.’”
What Stacy came up with was oil extracts, similar to what are used in baking, that have been powdered and put in a dry tapioca mix.
The result is a vegan, organic, kosher and allergy-free mix that is added into bong or dab water. “From there you smoke as normal,” he says, “and the smoke carries the flavoring up through the water and you get a pleasant aroma and taste.”
Juicy Rips is intended to intensify the flavor of the cannabis being consumed, but not to mask it. “A lot of our users like to pair the various flavors that we have with the strains,” notes Stacy. “Or if you don’t have some top-shelf cannabis at the moment it boosts the flavor of some lower-end product.”
And while his product has obvious applications for those who prefer bongs, he says it’s also been getting good reviews from dab rig users.
Stacy believes the fact that his product is getting noticed is an indication of not only how rapidly the legal cannabis industry is growing, but also how open the overall cannabis community is to innovation.
“The community itself encourages a lot of the creative and interesting products,” he says.” I think that we’re kind of in that perfect time to start launching your ideas. We’ve got a lot of forward progress, so it’s a very exciting time to start something; a perfect time to start.”

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