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Wine experts are working with growers in California's well-known Emerald Triangle to set up standards that define specific regions and brands.
Student activities in Sitka are getting a boost from the marijuana industry.
Elaborate tales about 10 of your favorite ganja genotypes.
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Similar to tobacco, cannabis has always held its own mythology.
Is it really tobacco in their pipes or might something else be growing in the gardens of the Shire?
This smoking experience doesn’t require solvents or expensive equipment. It just takes some patience.
The sweet skunky smell of cannabis may be wafting soon to a fairground near you.
Some growers hope to market to consumers across California through a legally defined and protected geographical identification system similar to what’s used in the wine industry.
Researchers from the Future Laboratory predict it will, and sooner than you think.
Musician Brendan Hill has been using marijuana for decades, and he claims that it has helped him succeed in his chosen career.
Salem, Ore. — Nine living marijuana plants will be displayed at the Oregon State Fair in a first of its kind event for the United States starting next Friday.
The scientific basis for cannabis’s pain relieving properties make it a no-brainer for being the perfect complement to massage.
SALEM — From seed providers to a company offering mechanized bud trimmers, those involved in the once-illicit marijuana industry in the Pacific Northwest got ready on Friday for the first-ever Oregon Cannabis Growers’ Fair.
After months of hard work carefully tending your plants, you’ve finally harvested a crop of frosty, fragrant cannabis buds that you just can’t wait to try. But first, they need to be dried.
Oregon is the first to feature marijuana anywhere at their state fair.