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Texas News Service via the El Paso Herald-Post ~   AUSTIN, Texas – Seventy-four percent of Texas adults say the maximum punishment for being caught with pot should be changed from a criminal penalty to a ticket or fine, according to a new poll conducted by The Texas Lyceum.
Steven Short ~ KALW.org ~   A manifesto, by definition, is not usually easy reading, which is why Steve DeAngelo has combined his eight-point program with scientific and historical details, interspersed with stories about his life. ~
Jonathan Oosting ~ MLive.com ~ LANSING, MI -- The Michigan Cannabis Coalition still isn't saying much about its investors, but it's learning a lot about supporters who are signing its petition to legalize recreational marijuana for adults. 
Sam Stebbins ~ MarketWatch.com ~   Compared to 1969, when only 12% supported legalizing pot, the majority of Americans today support legalizing recreational use of the drug.
Garin Flowers ~ WTSP.com ~   PARRISH, Fla. -- When you pull up to the home of Bob and Cathy Jordan and see a FLCAN sign, you know exactly what they stand for.
Rachel Dubrovin ~ KSPR.com ~   Supporters rally in downtown Springfield Friday night.
Keith Coffman ~ Reuters ~   Supporters of a Denver ballot initiative to allow marijuana use at bars and other establishments have pulled the measure after city leaders and business groups agreed to discuss a compromise, the pro-pot group said on Thursday.
Kay Lazar ~ The Boston Globe ~ Facility in Salem reports 1,500 patients in 2 months.
Paul Gattis ~ AL.com ~ Some Alabama families have headed west, seeking access to various forms of medical marijuana that are unlawful to possess in their home state.
Emily Muirhead ~ Seattlepi.com ~   For decades, people of color have paid a heavy price for the war on drugs. It’s well known that minorities are arrested and jailed at disproportionate rates on marijuana-related charges.
Josh Harkinson ~ Mother Jones ~ The author of the Cannabis Manifesto dishes on racist drug laws, hemp jewelry, and California's weed-fueled world domination.
Quint Forgey ~ News21 via Al.com ~   Only recently, as the marijuana movement sweeps through statehouses, have previously forgotten and failed laws become political tinder for a new debate in the South.
CBC News ~ With only 25 licensed distributors in Canada, teacher Tegan Adams says education a must for industry.
Ray Stern ~ Phoenix New Times ~   Arizona has reached a marijuana-legalization milestone, with more than 80,000 people now qualified to legally possess, grow, or sell pot for medicinal purposes.
Jeremy Scott ~ kxl.com   SALEM, Ore. — Governor Kate Brown signed a bill on Tuesday that will allow adults 21 and over to temporarily buy recreational marijuana at established medical pot dispensaries starting on October 1st, nearly a full year sooner than expected.
Crystal Chavez ~ WMFE ~   The group trying to legalize medical marijuana in Florida is making headway in getting the initiative on the ballot.