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Tribal council leaders, parents and youth are concerned about the impact that legalizing marijuana could have on communities in the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Image: Kelcie Johnson/News21

Lex Talamo, News21 ~ via ~

Participating in the marijuana industry may have risks for Native American tribes, like losing federal funding.

Ian Eisenberg displays some of the most popular product they sell at his store, Uncle Ike's. Image: Meghan Walker via
Meghan Walker ~ ~
It's been a year since the first retail pot shops opened in Washington, and the cost of weed has dropped significantly. But that’s not stopping eager pot entrepreneurs hoping to get in on the budding industry.

AXIM already has a cannabinoid chewing gum product, known as CanChew, on the market. Image AXIM via

Kathleen Burke ~ ~

Marijuana-infused gum enters clinical trials.

 14th Street  subway station in New York City, lines F and V. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Lois Weiss ~ New York Post ~

Medical marijuana is taking root in the heart of NYC.

Avondale Bridge, Pueblo County, Colorado. Image: Thad Roan via Wikimedia Commons.

Joel Warner ~ High Country News ~

Local officials want Pueblo County, Colorado, to be the best place to grow, but not everyone’s high on the idea.

Image: Abigail Batchelder/Flickr via Mother Jones.
The farmers market in the town of Laytonville offers, among other things, an ample supply of heirloom cannabis.

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