The ground-breaking network of websites and apps for marijuana businesses and consumers reached its planned sales goals nearly one year ahead of schedule, and looks forward to aggressively expanding its footprint in the legal cannabis industry in 2016.

DENVER (January 1, 2016) – The WeedLife Network, a group of more than 40 websites and apps that help bring cannabis industry professionals, organizations and consumers together, is celebrating the completion of its third year with its own version of financial fireworks.

The company exceeded projections and surpassed its goal of 1.5 million in sales this past fiscal quarter; reaching that milestone about one year ahead of estimates, reports its co-founder and CEO Shawn Tapp.

To date, more than 6,000 businesses in the emerging cannabis industry have become dependent on The WeedLife Network’s socially-based communications platform and marketing tools to advance their businesses and better connect with their customers.

But according to company research that’s just a small percentage of the more than 120,000 businesses already supporting the legal marijuana sector -- and that number appears to be currently growing at a rate of more than 1,000 new businesses per month.

“We set a sales goal of 1.5 million in sales to be reached by the end of the third quarter of 2016 and we surpassed it this past November,” says WeedLife co-founder and CFO Andy Rodosevich.

“When we put our revenue model in place, to support businesses with digital marketing products and services through our social network platform, we used tech companies like MassRoots and Leafly as a guide,” he continues. “Obviously we’re elated that our model has outpaced our projections”.

The WeedLife Network has focused its technology development on bringing industry professionals together with one another, while providing a direct line of communication with consumers and associations in the rapidly growing legal marijuana industry.

“WeedLife is now accessed by cannabis enthusiasts and business professionals in over 105 countries,” says Tapp, a 20-year veteran of the digital marketing industry.  “And we have targeted the needs of business professionals entering the sector that are immediately challenged by the changing rules and policies that have hampered the industry here in the U.S., and around the world.”

“We’re excited about the growth of our network as we enter the New Year, but equally pleased at how far we’ve come in 2015,” he adds.

“We began 2015 with high hopes, no pun intended, after spending the previous two years developing and fine-tuning our technology platform so cannabis businesses could better connect, collaborate and learn about this emerging industry”.

“It’s been very rewarding on many levels to see how business professionals, have leveraged our network to grow their own businesses and customer relationships,” he continues.

WeedLife has existing technology integrations with many of the industries’ top companies, and helps support millions of business transactions each year with their digital marketing tools.  The WeedLife Network’s growth has positioned it as one of the favorite tech investments of 2016, according to industry investors.

“Their deep integration with existing and future technology in the industry, along with the flexibility in their tech platform makes them the clear tech leader for growth in this emerging industry”, says Matthew Daugherty, a 16-year investment professional with many highly visible firms.

“I’ve researched and met with hundreds of startup technology companies in this emerging sector,” he says, “and became so impressed with WeedLife over the past year as they met or exceeded their goals that we have now made it our mission to actively raise the first round of investment capital, so a more aggressive growth plan can be executed."

The WeedLife Network has now secured a verbal commitment of $3 million for investment capital, and aims to secure an additional $2 million in the coming months.

For more information, visit:

Investor relations, call 1-844-420-4208 ext. 6

About WeedLife

The WeedLife Network is a group of free-to-use social websites and marketing apps specifically designed to accelerate the growth of the cannabis industry and shorten the business learning curve for new companies entering the marketplace.

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