Company founder and CEO Jason Snyder says California’s legal indoor marijuana facilities will need to rely on systems like SuperCool’s sealed Pod growing units – which dramatically conserve water and electricity while confirming to local building regulations.

SANTA ROSA, California (July 6, 2016) – Legal cannabis grow operations in California are dealing with two major issues this year: one political, one environmental. But both issues are requiring indoor cannabis growers to reconsider their options if they want to remain viable.

New state regulations have been enacted, ahead of California’s expected vote on recreational cannabis legalization in November, to set up a comprehensive licensing system for what NORML describes as the commercial “cultivation, manufacture, retail sale, transport, distribution, delivery, and testing” of cannabis.

At the same time, researchers tell the Los Angeles Times it will take years for California to recover from what is described as the most severe drought on record; a recently-ended dry spell that is still affecting the state’s essential agricultural sector.

Either way, for California’s indoor marijuana production facilities, “the way things are done right now is not sustainable,” says Jason Snyder, founder and CEO of SuperCool™ Systems, Inc., a California-based company that recently unveiled its ground-breaking Pod growing system.

The Pod concept allows growers of all sizes, from the residential backyard enthusiast to massive commercial operations, to create and customize any number of sealed, energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable grow environments -- using the company’s pre-fabricated and interlocking panels. They also come pre-engineered; ready to accommodate SuperCool’s HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), plumbing and grow light systems.

The SuperCool™ Pod system also conforms to the internationally-recognized LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification standards, by focusing on what Snyder says are three major factors:

• Use of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology. VRF has been used in HVAC systems for decades, and allows excellent temperature control and huge savings in utility costs.

• A patented Sustainable Water Reclamation System that filters and recycles water from the Pod’s humidifier and air conditioning system. It also reduces water usage and water waste significantly, by capturing water runoff from plants and then recirculating it back into the main water source.

• The Pod’s unique tongue-and-groove system of interlocking panels; which allow users to quickly create grow rooms customized to their needs.

“The panels themselves are four inches thick and have an R insulation value of 31, which creates a cooler environment and can save as much as 30 percent of a Pod’s energy output,” says Snyder.

“The panels also ensure a ‘Lego’ fit and a 100 percent sealed environment -- so the Pod is more like one complete surface as opposed to four walls, a floor and a ceiling,” he continues. “And that’s hugely important here in California and elsewhere across the country; anywhere where you can encounter extremes of heat and cold.”

The SuperCool™ Pod system was designed by a professional engineer, and created with the goal of passing regulatory building permit requirements across the United States.

And given that local governments in a variety of states are expected to become more involved in the legal cannabis industry following the November elections, “regulatory agencies out there might have more strict parameters about how you grow, and how much water you use,” adds Snyder.

“And that matters at a time when every drop of water counts,” he continues. “All of us that are conscientious about water use have made changes in our personal lives; and it’s time for those growing cannabis to realize they can be both conscientious and cost-effective by using units like our Pod system.”

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About SuperCool™ Systems

Our primary team members have more than 30 years of combined experience in HVAC industrial applications, fire protection engineering and building code consulting. They’re also skilled in the design, implementation and production of cannabis grow systems.

Our mission is to utilize our combined experience and creative energies to help establish a more professional and occupant-safe indoor gardening industry -- by building licensed and code-compliant environments.

Most important, however is our Customer Service Commitment. While our SuperCool™ Systems are available to gardeners of any type, those working in the cannabis industry have been dealing for decades with legal uncertainties. SuperCool™ Systems regards our customer’s privacy as a most critical function of our business. At the same time our commitment to superior customer service is unwavering; customer satisfaction in all phases of communication is our most important goal, regardless of what your garden may be producing.

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