The company unveils its unique growing concept: a portable, self-sustained, customizable, energy-efficient and sealed environment that can be constructed and used nearly anywhere, by virtually anyone.

SANTA ROSA, California (June 14, 2016) - SuperCool™ Systems, Inc. the California-based company with a unique and innovative approach to agriculture, today announces it has filed patents on its ground-breaking Pod growing system.

The Pod concept allows growers of all sizes, from the residential backyard enthusiast to massive commercial operations, to create and customize any number of sealed, energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable grow environments -- using the company’s pre-fabricated and interlocking panels. They also come pre-engineered; ready to accommodate SuperCool’s HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), plumbing and grow light systems.

SuperCool™ founder and CEO Jason Snyder says the Pod system is especially useful for legal indoor cannabis production facilities which have to be especially responsive to issues such as local regulations, outside contaminants, substandard warehouse space, pest control, fire safety and energy efficiency.

“We believe large commercial growers – companies that want to protect their wide variety of crops from outside contamination -- are the primary cannabis industry sector for these Pods,” he says. “But given the way the market is changing our products could also greatly benefit the smaller grower, who buys just one or two of these Pods.”

Designed for both outdoor and indoor use, the composite materials used in the Pods are also used for insulation in cold storage facilities as well as food coolers and freezers. They are fire retardant and meet many building codes; giving them the potential to be used, with the proper permits, in residential zones.

In fact, one of SuperCool’s patents involves an unprecedented fire protection system that not only meets most regulatory standards but is designed to be in compliance with “all applicable fire codes.” There are internal fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors within the Pod – as well as a sprinkler system that can be easily linked-up to any standard plumbing outlet.

Another huge benefit of the Pods is their portability. They use a tongue-and-groove system of interlocking panels; allowing the user to quickly create grow rooms customized to their needs.“

The cool thing is they can be broken down and will fit into a freight elevator,” he says. “I’m hoping somebody wants to create a community grow and put these on the roof of a skyscraper somewhere: whether it’s for legal cannabis or tomatoes with LED lighting. That’s what this system is capable of.”

Sustainability and a clean growing environment are also a big part of what makes the Pods system unique. The SuperCool™ Pod concept grew out of the shared experiences of experts with a wide spectrum of experience in HVAC, plumbing and general contracting.

The result, says Snyder, is an industrial-grade grow space with a “clean-room” environment that can not only produce high-quality crops but can also be monitored and managed remotely, using a smart phone app.

The company also has a Curing and Secure Storage Pod™. Its unique conveyor belt system allows an operator to easily access four layers of harvested plants, kept in an environmentally controlled, optimal environment for curing; while finished goods are safely stored (also in an environmentally controlled environment) with the addition of an 18-gauge metal door equipped with electromagnetic locks.

“And we’re also a consulting service,” says Snyder. “Most HVAC systems used in grow operations are inefficient and not sustainable -- causing higher-than-necessary energy bills. We work with growers, diagnose their problems and help them find solutions.”

As the industry becomes more regulated, Snyder notes that SuperCool™ Systems also has a building and fire code consulting business, that he says “can help growers receive their certificate of occupancy and ensure that a high level of safety and adequate construction is maintained; so that when they are inspected, they are allowed to continue their operations.”

For more information and updates on our company and vision please visit us at

About SuperCool™ Systems

Our primary team members have more than 30 years of combined experience in HVAC industrial applications, fire protection engineering and building code consulting. They’re also skilled in the design, implementation and production of cannabis grow systems.

Our mission is to utilize our combined experience and creative energies to help establish a more professional and occupant-safe indoor gardening industry -- by building licensed and code-compliant environments.

Most important, however is our Customer Service Commitment. While our SuperCool™ Systems are available to gardeners of any type, those working in the cannabis industry have been dealing for decades with legal uncertainties. SuperCool™ Systems regards our customer’s privacy as a most critical function of our business. At the same time our commitment to superior customer service is unwavering; customer satisfaction in all phases of communication is our most important goal, regardless of what your garden may be producing.

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