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The Texas House gave initial approval on Wednesday to a bill that would expand the state’s medical cannabis program to include those with chronic pain, all cancer patients and Texans suffering from PTSD. House Bill 1535, by Rep. Stephanie Klick, R-Fort Worth, who authored the bill establishing Texas’ initial medical cannabis program in 2015, would
Cannabis connoisseur and entrepreneur Seth Rogen has a message for people who are new to cannabis or are making a return after years away: Take a hit and wait 15 minutes to see if another one is needed. The hilarious video opens with a throw-back message to be considerate of others by rewinding, a sentiment that might be lost on many today. Organic
I don’t blame any small business owner for scrutinizing expenses and pushing away salespeople touting their latest and greatest product. I’ve been there. My keep-your-hands-off-my-tiny-pile-of-cash approach saved me time initially, but I also missed opportunities where I could have spent money to make money and run my business more effectively. Ori
The only way Senate Democrats have been able to bypass Republican opposition so far this year and move forward with its agenda is through budget reconciliation. Cannabis advocates are still waiting to see the bill that the Democratic Senate has promised to throw down in an effort to legalize marijuana at the federal level. They are excited about th
You’ve been looking for alternatives to support the treatment of bipolar disorder symptoms and wonder whether cannabis would work. After all, cannabis is natural and could be an appealing alternative to some of the usual bipolar disorder medications and their side effects. But is cannabis actually effective in managing symptoms of bipolar disorder?
Earlier this month, New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed legislation to legalize recreational marijuana in the state. While advocates say it's a huge win, it could mean big losses for dispensaries in Colorado.   Since 2014, when recreational marijuana went on sale in the Centennial State, business has boomed for Colorado dispensary owners
It is estimated that as many as 75% of the world’s population has played in sports leagues at some point during their lifetime. Sports competitions, for better or worse, play a huge role in the everyday lives of the international community.  Prior to the pandemic, sporting events were some of the largest gatherings in the world, and that’s virtuall
A discussion paper calls on the UK Government to review what it says are outdated laws and regulations hindering the UK’s CBD and wider medical cannabis industry. According to the paper’s authors, cannabis consultancy Maple Tree and Mackrell.Solicitors, current laws in the UK have resulted in the majority of its cannabidiol (CBD) and all of its oth
The pandemic has completely changed the way that most markets in the world work. Instead of being able to go out to the store and buy supplies, people are turning to alternative methods. Furthermore, people are finding new distractions during this time, including a growing number of people that are trying marijuana. Between legalization and increas
Several members of Congress have submitted a formal request that the U.S. Botanic Garden include hemp plants in its display. The United States Botanic Garden (USBG) was established by Congress in 1820 and is the oldest continuously operating botanic garden in the country. Covering 150 acres, it host tens of thousands of plants, some of them rare. M
When New York State announced, at the start of April, that it was joining states such as California and Portland in a move towards legal, recreational marijuana, it prompted the question: what does this mean for new products?   A hint is buried in AB InBev’s 2020 annual report, which was released this past February. AB InBev, the parent company of
Cannabis and Kratom are two of the most medicinal herbs you can find around. However, they are both very controversial and have complicated legal identities. For cannabis, it was illegal to manufacture or consume this product for a long time. Many countries banned it because they thought it interfered with work performance. Kratom’s story of legali
With recreational marijuana now legal in New York State, schools are figuring out how to address and change their curriculum on the subject. “We’ve known this was coming and for lack of a better word starting to armor up, because we know this is going perhaps just from what we've seen in other states where there is legalization this might have an i
The Coast Guard has set the 2021 minimum random drug testing rate at 50% of covered crewmembers because positive results crossed the 1% threshold for the third straight year. This contrasts with an earlier six-year stretch when the rate held at 25%.   “Intoxicated operations pose a serious threat to life, property and the environment in the maritim
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A bill to legalize recreational marijuana in Louisiana advanced from a House committee Tuesday for the first time ever after three Republicans on the panel agreed to move the measure forward for a wider debate. Mandeville Republican Rep. Richard Nelson's House Bill 524 to legalize weed cleared the House Criminal Justice Committee on a 7-5 vote and
Canada has already legalized pot; Mexico is likely to legalize it soon. The U.S. must not fall behind. President Biden is not there yet. Neither are Republicans in Washington. But the wave of momentum toward nationally legalized cannabis only continues to mount. It is time lawmakers in the Capital get on board with what a majority of the American c
To say 2020 was a wild ride would be an understatement. Between a global pandemic, renewed calls for civil rights, and a dramatic election season, it was a true roller coaster of emotions. One thing however remained clear: the cannabis community is one of resilience, inclusion, and humble passion for the plant.  Cannabis & Tech Today has opted to d
With often intricate, ever-shifting application rules, receiving any kind of cannabis license feels like a success. You should celebrate the huge win but as a new license holder, you are now part of a heavily regulated industry that’s filled with potential but also riddled with risk every step of the way. From help with hiring management teams to t