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The Globe editorial board is correct that it’s time to end the failed war on marijuana at the federal level and begin to repair its harms to Black and brown communities (“Congressional Democrats look to end pot’s legal limbo,” Feb. 10). As Congress and the Biden administration explore what a reparative federal framework might look like, they will l
On February 5th, state lawmakers voted to legalize cannabis in Virginia and establish a recreational market. Both chambers’ initiative would legalize possession of an ounce of marijuana or less, and begin the process of expunging certain cannabis-related misdemeanors on July 1st. Retail sales are predicted to start in 2024, per the plans of both th
Officials are said to be considering ways of raising funds through the Barbados Stock Exchange (BSE) to help fund development and innovation in the burgeoning medicinal cannabis industry. Word of this has come from Shantal Munro-Knight, Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Licensing Authority (BMCLA), who said every effort was
Lawmakers have introduced a new proposal for penalizing those under 21 who are caught with marijuana, a move that could bring Gov. Phil Murphy closer to signing a bill to legalize weed. But this bill must receive committee approval Monday and pass both the state Senate and Assembly by next Thursday, the latest deadline for Murphy to take action on
Cannabis reform is undoubtedly spreading across the United States, as more states adopt medical and adult use laws. However, many states that have done so over the years have been labeled as conservative for a variety of reasons. And it isn’t just traditionally red states doing the restricting. Until it embraced reform in recent years, New York was
The cannabis space is red hot right now, with newly powerful Democratic leaders saying they plan to make reform legislation a key priority in the current Congress. Over the past year of the pandemic, the industry has seen massive gains as many states with “stay in place” mandates identified the category as an “essential service.” Nevertheless, we h
Ohio is now taking written comments on the qualifying conditions it is thinking of adding to the medical cannabis program.  Through February 26, residents of Ohio will have a chance to comment on conditions including autism, Huntington’s disease, panic disorder with agoraphobia, restless leg syndrome, spasticity and spasms, and terminal illness. Th
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) impacts about 3 percent of the world’s population. Those diagnosed with the condition experience repetitive behavior and intrusive thoughts, often driven by a host of unreasonable fears. OCD also can manifest in certain actions, such as leaving the house, entering a room, or touching objects in a specific order a
CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the most controversial topics of the instant. The rising popularity of CBD involves the commencement of many research studies about the benefits of this substrate. The information obtained is not only proving the real positive effects of CBD on human health, but also affixes more properties to be investigated and tested.
Each year, our editors pour through products to find the most innovative, interesting, and helpful tech hitting the shelves. For our year-end 2020 issue of Cannabis & Tech Today, the competition was fierce. We whittled down the list to just 25 items for both the industry pro and the cannasseur. Take a look and share your favorites with us on social
A recent survey reveals that a knowledge gap of cannabis may be holding back millions of people from a better treatment option. As with many other conditions, fibromyalgia often manifests in more ways than one. a The disorder, which is characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, includes symptoms such as mental fog, chronic pain, sleep issues
You'd struggle to find an industry that's generated more robust returns than cannabis in recent months. The ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF, a basket fund that contains an assortment of direct and ancillary marijuana stocks, is up 212% since the end of October (through Feb. 10). Original link
Jeanette Miller says she’s one of hundreds of farmers who were encouraged to devote acreage to an up-and-coming crop that held promise, but is now watching it all slip away. Miller, who operates Eclectic Farmstead in Newfane in western New York, said farmers spent upward of $50,000 to cover costs associated with growing hemp and were waiting for th
It wasn’t too long ago that if you asked somebody what CBD was, they would look at you with a puzzled expression on their face. Today, CBD is on everyone’s lips, dominating the conversation on medical cannabis and its therapeutic effects and being touted as a health supplement at nutrition stores. It can also be purchased online and found in depart
France has bowed to the inevitable. After several years of promises about normalizing the discussion and failing to do so, and further in direct contrast to its German, Dutch, Danish, and even Swiss and Spanish neighbours, the country has finally caved in recognizing that medical cannabis has at least theoretical efficacy. The first trial, delayed
As a board-certified emergency physician who worked in Minneapolis-area emergency rooms for many years, I have witnessed the damage that opioids have afflicted on too many Minnesotans and their families. Over the past six years, as the founder and CEO of Vireo Health, one of Minnesota's licensed medical cannabis companies, I have had the privilege
In 2020, Norman’s medical marijuana industry quickly proved to be an emerging market. The marijuana industry locally and statewide more than doubled its revenue compared to 2019, as the state’s new industry grew to one of the biggest marijuana markets in the country. While some attribute the industry’s success to the COVID-19 pandemic, others sugge
A total ban on smokable hemp products makes little sense. The state has time to think this through and come up with a better solution. A few weeks back, I wrote a post entitled “California Tries Again with CBD“, in which I discussed a new piece of legislation (AB-45) introduced to ostensibly provide a regulatory framework for the manufacture and sa