Answer is to close loopholes that give legal access to people under 21, activists say Cannabis advocates have long pushed the plant as an organic medicine that activates a person’s internal receptors. The cannabinoids and terpenes found in the plant can affect everything from a person’s mood to their inflammatory responses and even brain functionin
The high cost of Biogen’s newly approved and controversial treatment will be compounded by a misguided Medicare policy that incentivizes doctors to prescribe the priciest medicines. Disclaimer:This article was originally published on The Fresh Toast. The views expressed in this article solely belong to the author. It is easy to understand why every
With the growing acceptance of the legal cannabis industry across the United States, more states are diving deeper into regulatory questions. The latest push around legislatures has been THC Caps, which would limit the potency of THC in various products depending on the state's guidelines. Lawmakers believe that limiting the strength of marijuana w
If you are wanting to cash in on New Mexico's green rush, it is not too late. Linda Trujillo is the superintendent of the New Mexico Licensing and Regulation Department. She said those who want to grow cannabis should be able to get their provisional license by Aug. 22. “The provisional license does not let you start functioning or operating as a c
The new trend for marijuana products is clear labels, lab-tested ingredients, standardized dosing and modern branding that takes its design cues from traditional consumer brands.The new trend for marijuana products is clear labels, lab-tested ingredients, standardized dosing and modern branding that takes its design cues from traditional consumer b
Cannabis' earliest roots may have stemmed from northwestern China -- not South Asia as commonly believed, according to a study published on Friday. Researchers found the Cannabis sativa species -- the "much beloved and maligned plant" widely used as a recreational drug -- likely emerged from the region by Neolithic times (10,000-3,000 BC), accordin
Nith & Grand tailored to cannabis aficionados with discerning taste, and will feature craft flower and premium concentratesInitial launch features TF Pink Kush Live Resin vape cartridgesStrengthened product portfolio contributing to meaningful quarterly sales growth across all sales channels TORONTO, July 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aleafia Health
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox expects cannabis will be a part of the new North American free-trade deal following the country's Supreme Court decision to loosen some of the rules on how the drug can be consumed.  "Cannabis has to be part of the trading between United States, Canada and Mexico," Fox said in a broadcast interview.  "Canada is
How to travel to Canada with existing cannabis convictions and avoid new ones. Offences involving cannabis can have a serious impact on one’s ability to enter Canada. In 2018, Canada legalized buying and using recreational cannabis. While weed is now legal, it is also strictly regulated. Cannabis-related charges could potentially hurt a foreign nat
From humble origins in a horse barn to booming sales in three states, Texas' first hemp vodka distillery has become one of the fastest-growing Black distilleries in the U.S. in just a few years of business. Their latest stop? Austin, Texas. Highway Vodka, founded by partners Ben Williams and Wendell Robbins III, is available for sale at over 25 ret
The U.S. cannabis industry had eagerly awaited a federal legalization bill that executives, investors and interest groups had hoped would be a panacea for the partisan divide over a hotly contested issue. What they saw last week from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer left many underwhelmed. Original link
  Legalizing marijuana for recreational use could lead to fewer opioid-spurred health emergencies and overdose deaths, a University of Pittsburgh study has found. Opioid-related emergency department visits dropped by 7.6% within a year of cannabis legalization for adult residents in four states — California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts, accordi
For the first time, Ohio lawmakers will have a bill before them to legalize recreational marijuana cultivation and sales. Democratic state Reps. Casey Weinstein of Hudson and Terrence Upchurch of Cleveland have drafted a bill to legalize cultivation – personal and commercial – and regulate sales, as well as allow people previously convicted of low-
Walking into a grocery store, do you question whether or not the meat at the deli is safe to eat or if the frozen meals were prepared in a clean environment? Chances are, you've probably never thought twice about it. But when stepping into a medical or recreational cannabis dispensary, you may be less confident about the safety of the products on t
Scientists in New Zealand are planning to run a Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) micro-dosing trial with late-stage cancer patients to see if the drug improves their quality of life. Dr. Lisa Reynolds, the Director of the Postgraduate Diploma in Health Psychology at the University of Auckland, will lead the trial.     “The research I’ve seen so far
The University of Florida has brought its two-year Industrial Hemp Pilot Project for a landing with guidance that the crop might be a viable commodity for Florida growers in the future, with caution for economic and environmental challenges. The UF/IFAS-led pilot project began in spring 2019 after federal and state legislation established an indust
The demand for CBD has gone up exponentially for myriad reasons, including pain, depression, sleep disorders, and anxiety. And it’s not surprising it’s gone up even more since the pandemic started.  But with that higher use — one study says almost 62% use CBD to treat a medical condition — comes cost disparities between the highest and lowest price
Delta-8 THC is a popular cannabis product which offers slightly different benefits from its half brother delta-9. Though delta-8 is a product of delta-9 in nature, it’s also quite possible to source delta-8 THC from CBD. Read on to find out how its done. Let’s be honest, you’re probably not going to set up a science experiment to make delta-8 THC a
The St. Regis Mohawk Tribe is poised to open the first adult-use cannabis shop in New York State, beating out the non-tribal retailers by up to a year…or more. The tribe, located in northern New York along the U.S.-Canada border, adopted its own ordinance regarding legal marijuana last month, following New York state’s April 1 legalization. How and