All THC products derived from the cannabis plant will soon be covered by state law and regulated by the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency. Starting Monday, October 11, these products will only be available after appropriate approvals, rigorous testing, and commercial standards that currently protect consumer safety in the legal marijuana marketp
Recently introduced legislation in the state House of Representatives would allow school nurses to administer medical marijuana to students. Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta, D-Philadelphia, has introduced House Bill 1948 with co-sponsorship support from fellow Democrats Stephen Kinsey, Joseph Hohenstein, Carol Hill-Evans, Maureen Madden, Benjamin Sanchez, Br
Cannabis cultivation start-ups don’t need to reinvent the wheel when establishing a cultivation method. Launching a new business is not the best time to try every growing method under the sun. The goal should be to select a tried-and-true, proven method of cultivating that gives the company the best chance possible of rapidly launching its business
The El Paso Police Department is looking to ask City Council to raise its budget by $72,000 next year to allow the department to test marijuana cases at a lab."Marijuana and hemp are very much so identical one of the only characteristics that differs hemp from marijuana is the amount of THC," said Sgt. Robert Gomez, an EPPD spokesman. The differenc
When Wisconsin legalized hemp, sales of CBD products took off. Now there is a new hemp byproduct that is growing in popularity. It's called delta-8 THC. It's sold like CBD but its effects are similar to marijuana. "Will it get you high? Basically, yes," said Rachel Cartwright, owner of CBD Therapeutics of Wisconsin. You can get delta-8 in candies,
It is impossible to beat the convenience of shopping online, as it allows you to look for merchandise across the globe with the click of a button. But with so many options at your fingertips, where do you start? If you want to save money, you need to know where the best deals are. This post will list four fantastic tips you can utilize in order to
A Needville man arrested in January 2019 and charged with growing marijuana next door to a church and across the street from the high school has had his case dismissed. Michael Ferguson successfully completed a pretrial intervention program and charges were dismissed in September, the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Office reported. By complet
  Nearly three years after Missouri voters legalized medical marijuana across the state, the cannabis industry in St. Louis appears to be thriving, with state-regulated dispensaries popping up throughout the region. But managing the money side of things has proven a struggle for many distributors and growers — even though their businesses are fully
Predatory practices and local politics may be snuffing out potential players in New Jersey’s recreational marijuana industry. When adult-use recreational marijuana was legalized in New Jersey, state officials promised to offer entrepreneurs an equitable playing field in the emerging marketplace. But inequities in the field are proving to be a chall
 Fully vaccinated persons with a clinical diagnosis of cannabis use disorder (CUD) possess a greater risk of COVID breakthrough infections as compared to similar controls, according to data published in the journal World Psychiatry. Commenting on the paper’s findings, NORML’s Deputy Director Paul Armentano said that study “raises more questions tha
A Florida physician is fighting the state after its Department of Health sent undercover agents to visit his medical cannabis clinic and documented questionable practices, according to reports and public records. Joseph Dorn, MD, who runs the Tallahassee-based Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinics of Florida, is the subject of a health department com
Medical marijuana patients in New York state will soon be able to do something for the first time in the five-year history of the program: purchase smokable marijuana. The state’s newly formed regulatory board approved the sale of marijuana flower on Tuesday, broadening the offerings of a medicinal pot marketplace that had only featured the likes o
Cannabis legalization appears almost certain to do more good than harm for the world. As an industry takes shape and drug war victims incrementally receive a modicum of restorative justice, we may sometimes overlook the adverse impacts along the way. Waste continues to be a primary concern.  Legalization across the states leads to an influx in oper
  Located in unincorporated communities, the five facilities will now be able to sell edibles, drinkable marijuana products and branded merchandise, expand by 10,000 square feet and transfer business licenses among existing permit holders.     Previously classified as non-profit medical marijuana collectives, the five facilities are: — Outliers Col
Researchers will look at a ‘more holistic data set’ than the simple pain scores used in traditional clinical trials when putting together its final submissions. The goal is to provide a more thorough assessment of the use of cannabis-based analgesics  If the pandemic has turned the world on its head, the transformation hasn’t entirely been for the
Hempoholic LLC is not your average CBD company. Hempoholic was founded by husband and wife power couple Jason Gathing, M.Ed. and psychiatrist Ayo Gathing, M.D. to shake up the industry. Their mission is to provide education on the benefits of CBD, sell high quality vegan hemp based CBD products, as well as empower traditionally excluded populations
In Passaic, entrepreneurs can grow, manufacture, package, wholesale and, in the newest incarnation of its marijuana ordinance, even deliver cannabis products. They just can't sell it at retail.  "No municipality in the state can prohibit the delivery to homes," Mayor Hector Lora said. Because New Jersey requires cities to allow cannabis delivery, t
Investing in the cannabis industry early on can be a great way to set yourself up for some long-term gains. Buying shares of a newly listed marijuana company can be risky but doing so will give you an opportunity to amplify your potential returns. With market caps all over $1 billion, Ascend Wellness, Verano Holdings, and WM Holding (NASDAQ:MAPS) a
Ohio’s Central State University aims to investigate using hemp as an aquaculture feed ingredient to address food safety concerns about consuming seafood raised with hemp feed additives. They will also research ways to increase economic markets and production sustainability for seafood and hemp.       Project goals are: Approval of hemp grain as a s