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Though it’s not yet clear how the U.S. economic recovery will take shape, it is a certainty that the businesses that continue to innovate in these lean times will be best positioned to succeed as business normalcy, or something like it, slowly returns. In the cannabis industry, innovation takes on an even greater importance for the financial succes
The legal cannabis industry is going global. Dozens of countries now allow legal medical cannabis sales in some form, and more are looking to do the same for adult-use cannabis. Currently, only Canada and Uruguay have legalized cannabis for adult use, however, that will likely change sooner rather than later. Original link
Kale. Goji berries. Salmon. Cannabis juice? Superfoods are all the rage among health-conscious foodies who want as many benefits as they can get from the products they put in their bodies. These unprocessed foods are known for their high nutritional value as well as their potential to reduce the risk of heart disease and possibly lower cholesterol
In an era when police and prison reform is consistently being called for across the nation, and when cannabis legalization is sweeping the country at a rapid rate, a former prison facility in Warwick, New York is being turned into a cannabis testing facility.  Now known for its prisons thanks to playing host to the fictional correctional facility i
Colorado cannabis sales set a record yet again in July, eclipsing $200 million in a single month for the first time. Dispensaries sold $183,106,003 in recreational marijuana and $43,268,565 in medical marijuana in July, for a combined $226,374,568 in revenue, according to data from the Colorado Department of Revenue. That’s up 13.8% from June, anot
Professor Iain McGregor from the Lambert Initiative says it is time for Australia to have a mature approach to consumer access to safe and effective cannabinoid products without a prescription. New analysis by the Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics at the University of Sydney shows that access to products containing cannabidiol in Aust
Garnering widespread support from multiple industries and across political lines, a bill that would legalize and regulate cannabidiol (CBD) and other hemp derivatives in dietary supplements has been introduced to Congress. The Hemp and Hemp-Derived CBD Consumer Protection and Market Stabilization Act of 2020 (H.R. 8179), which was introduced Sept.
Being held with small amounts of cannabis will no longer be deemed a criminal act. As part of efforts to free up police officers to deal with more serious matters as well as the Magistrates’ courts, persons caught with 14 grams of cannabis or less will no longer be arrested and hauled before the law courts, resulting in a criminal record. Governor
While medical marijuana and hemp are both varieties of cannabis, the way these plants reproduce can make vast differences in the type, potency, and quantities of the chemicals they express. As medical marijuana and hemp farms increase in size and presence, a resultant war is heating up in the very air around them.  Let me explain. When hemp and can
A number of mothers, each with a severely epileptic child, are today holding a vigil outside the offices of the Department of Health & Social Care, the London headquarters of NHSE, the Scottish Parliament, and the Welsh Assembly. The mothers are protesting as medical cannabis is the only medication that works for managing their children’s symptoms
A federal agency is seeking to add hair testing to the government’s arsenal of workplace drug screening tools, despite evidence that the process is unreliable and may lead to racial bias. The proposed rule change by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), which was published in the Federal Register last week, comes e
Will These States Legalize Cannabis in 2020? Original link
All outdoor marijuana crops have the potential to be destroyed by one or two of the various problems lurking in the wilderness, unlike indoor growing where plants are protected. In checking on the crop, make sure to keep an eye on the little details that will spell trouble later. There are a few different things to look for: Original link
As laws for cannabis use change, so do the laws that govern the particular cannabinoids that make up the plant, namely CBD and THC, and how and where they are used. Whereas CBD has already been regulated differently in many places, THC is often left with no regulation at all when it comes to use in edible products. It has become more commonplace fo
I spent my first night in jail on suicide watch.  After a jury found me guilty of conspiracy to distribute with the intent to sell marijuana, I was handcuffed, booked, and dressed out. This was absolutely absurd. After asking to undress, the guard handed a knee-length padded gown. “You should be happy that the gown is new and unworn,” he told me. T
While the coronavirus pandemic has caused the collapse of retail businesses across the globe, there is one thing people have been buying more of during months of lockdown: marijuana. The legal cannabis industry set sales records across the United States and Canada over the past six months, according to cannabis analytics firm New Frontier Data, whi
High-end cannabis has made its way to Jamaica's west coast, although that's not new news to anyone familiar with the destination. Hedonism II, the iconic adults-only playground -- a clothing-optional, lifestyle-friendly, party-hardy resort in Negril -- opened its newest guest amenity earlier this summer. HedoWeedo is its medicinal marijuana dispens
Experts have been predicting marijuana legalization in Pennsylvania since at least as early as 2013, more than a year after the first few states in the U.S. legalized recreational adult use. The state didn’t make medical marijuana legal until 2016 and patients didn’t gain full access to medical marijuana in dispensaries until two years after that.
Celebrations for medical cannabis access being added to Nebraska’s ballot in November turned out to be very short-lived. But the fight goes on. There is no medical marijuana program in Nebraska currently and no other allowances for patients. That may have changed after the November election. Late last month we reported Nebraskans for Medical Mariju