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New research affiliated with the University of Colorado at Boulder and published in Psychology of Addictive Behaviors reveals that consumption of CBD-dominant cannabis may be associated with reduced alcohol intake.  In order to test this, the researchers looked at cannabis use across 120 subjects and compared use of cannabis that was primarily CBD-
Every cannabis lover has their favorite stash of accouterments, be it books, smoking accessories, or fashion statements. Why should it be any different for marijuana moms? Whether your mom is new to the cannabis game or a seasoned veteran, you’ll find a perfect selection with this Mother’s Day gift guide for cannabis accessories. Or choose from a s
Both tea and cannabis have a rich history dating thousands of years, with their origins tracing back to China and Central Asia, respectively. It was with the help of colonizers that both these cultivable plants spread to different parts of the world and became highly prized commodities.   Drinking tea has many health benefits thanks to its anti-inf
When I lived and worked in Mexico City, illegal drugs were shunned by the “gente decente” (decent people) in virtually all classes. Being known as a drug user carried a very bad stigma. At the time, I had the unfortunate luck of having my name be Pacheco, which in Mexico was used as slang equivalent to “stoner” in the U.S. Asking somebody, “Eres mu
HempFlax saw its profits before tax skyrocket 616 per cent in 2020 to €659,000, as demand grew for its construction materials and CBD. The EU’s biggest hemp grower, headquartered in Holland, saw full year revenues up 43 per cent to €14.5m in 2020, with EBITDA increasing 63 per cent to €1.8m. The numbers were in part driven by a 1,089 per cent incre
The cannabis industry often provides projections on the billions that are made by the adult-use and medical market. There is, however, a projection that’s often left out of the conversation when it comes to legalized cannabis — the economics of the legacy market that came before it and bore the brunt of the casualties in the War on Drugs. Original
2 Marijuana Stocks To Watch As More Momentum Enters The Cannabis Sector With marijuana stocks finally catching a wave of upward momentum investors want to know how long this will last. Now there is no way to be 100 percent certain how long this momentum will last. However with earnings soon to be reported by various cannabis companies some marijuan
While it’s important to have a fixed standard of intoxication for cannabis, we should not simply put up a number arbitrarily. Researchers in Australia found that you can be stoned for up to 10 hours depending on the means and the potency of the cannabis you consume. Impairment is important because it will be the indicator that determine whether peo
When it comes to the growing cannabis industry, everyone wants the best product. And this means, producers are constantly finding ways to up their game. One of the latest trends in the cannabis world? Fresh frozen cannabis, and using cold to boost cannabis flowers and create concentrates like live resin. When it comes to cannabis extracts, some of
Healthcare professionals should engage older adults in cannabis discussions given that some people are using weed to self-treat different conditions without first seeking medical input or advice, suggests a new U.S. study. Published online this week in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, investigators from the University of Texas at Aus
Gradually and steadily, all cannabinoids like CBD, THC 8, CBG, CBN, etc., are getting the attention they deserve. Though studies are still at the early stages, all of these compounds have shown promising medicinal benefits. We all know THC 8 has blown the market, and marijuana users turn towards Delta 8 THC. Known as the little sister of THC 9, it
Earlier this month, Mexico’s push to legalize recreational cannabis was halted after Senate Majority Leader Ricardo Monreal said that is attempting to extend the Supreme Court’s deadline to change the current law. This development was not well received by the market as Mexico was on the verge of becoming the third country to legalize recreational c
The first shipment of legal hemp to cross state lines in the U.S. by railroad in 84 years departed from California, fittingly, on 4/20. Approximately 17,000 pounds (7,700 kilograms) of hemp, grown at the 550-acre Golden State Hemp farm in Fresno, Calif., was shipped by Union Pacific rail to the company’s research lab in Denver, Colo. “Today’s first
The discovery in 1964 of 500 acres of cannabis growing wild along the banks of the Hunter River inspired a new generation of pot smokers in Australia. But the history of the crop is much older, dating back to the early 1800s, when Britain sent debtors and convicts to start the first hemp colony Down Under. From the November, 1995 issue of High Time
About to smoke, eat, vape, drink, or absorb cannabis for the first time and not sure what to expect? I’m a frequent cannabis user and journalist covering the topic, so I’m often the recipient of anecdotes from all kinds of people about the ways different buds and products affect them individually. This is a pretty common way to learn about cannabis
Collections from Arkansas state taxes on medical marijuana purchases recently surpassed $30 million. According to the latest report from the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, the 6.5% state sales tax and 4% privilege tax established by the legislature have netted about $31,663,022 as of March 31, 2021. Medical marijuana sales began
If you read a lot of mainstream media, you probably believe that the American entrepreneur is dead, undone by big-box retail and online behemoths like Amazon, that entrepreneurial energy and innovation have disappeared into a maze of international trade agreements and a haze of opioid addiction and despair. You might think a nation that once prided
The longer it takes for the Senate to approve the SAFE Banking Act, the longer it takes for traditional financial institutions to render their services to businesses in the cannabis industry. Marijuana businesses have been operating on an all-cash basis for years now. No thanks to the federal government’s ancient policies that make accessing the se
2020 is a year we’ll never forget. How could we? If 2020 was a story, then the COVID-19 pandemic would be the main antagonist. It upended everything, reorienting the economy, business operations, and our own livelihoods. Original link