Cannabidiol (CBD) extract comes from the cannabis plant. Typically, CBD extract is an oil, which manufacturers add to various products, such as creams and lotions. People use CBD extract as treatment for a range of conditions, but there is no scientific evidence to back it up. In recent years, consumers and researchers have grown more interested in
A new lawsuit claims that multistate cannabis cultivators had an unfair advantage in the competition for one of Utah’s lucrative marijuana growing licenses — and that state officials “coached” certain applicants in how to win. Officials at the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) allowed their personal connections to sway them as they dol
                Cannabis cultivators are using technology to reduce water and energy use, cut down on labor costs and increase yields and quality. Here are examples of the technology that marijuana and hemp growers are using to make their facilities more productive: Sensors to help control irrigation and fine-tune lighting.Systems that can remotely
Aside from the fact that it prevents the multiplication of pathogens, it also helps the seeds germinate, thus facilitating good drainage. Rockwool is a fantastic method for growing marijuana. With Rockwool, you can have the strain you choose through the cannabis cycle as growers of all levels utilize different hydroponics for harvesting heavier yie
Senator Jeremy Cooney of New York introduced a bill on July 20 that would build upon the state’s recreational cannabis law with a focus on getting cultivation up and running. Original link
Key Points Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer recently unveiled proposed legislation that would decriminalize marijuana at the federal level.This bill would likely provide a huge catalyst for many marijuana stocks, but passing the bill in the Senate won't be easy.Even if the proposed legislation fails, there are still some cannabis stocks worthy
NBA player Kevin Durant has never been shy about sharing his love of weed. But according to, the 32-year-old Brooklyn Nets forward has been forced to abstain from partaking in one of his favourite puff-puff-passtimes in preparation for the Tokyo Olympic Games, where he will be a member of the U.S. team. To play, Durant will need to avoid the
Some U.S. trade groups are split on whether delta-8 THC should be marketed in hemp products. The 2018 Farm Bill signed by former President Donald Trump legalized all hemp-derived cannabinoids, including delta-8 THC, according to the Hemp Industries Association (HIA). In a June 22 press release citing a legal opinion drafted by its attorneys, the tr
Several new doors are being opened in New York State due to the legalization of recreational marijuana. You can now take your stash with you when you travel on an airplane. The Albany Times Union reports that Transportation Security Administration officials will no longer be looking for marijuana when searching individual passengers or their luggag
Bioavailability is a term growing in popularity like the rise in CBD, but why is it so important and does it really make a difference? Bioavailability is the amount of an active ingredient that absorbs into the blood stream allowing for the ingredient to effectively activate in the body. Supplements like vitamin C have little issue absorbing into t
Where some see desert, Cid and Medina Isbell see opportunity. Standing on a plot on their 30-acre property just north of Madrid, they envision a greenhouse full of cannabis plants where brush, sunflowers and cactuses now grow. They are among many hopeful entrepreneurs who see New Mexico’s upcoming legal market for cannabis production and sales — se
Legal marijuana sales in the United States topped a new record in 2020, with a total of $20 billion. Cannabis businesses are having no problem finding a solid customer base across legalized states. However, that doesn’t mean the industry is without its challenges. Dispensaries must deal with lingering social stigmas and keep up with changing laws.
The much-anticipated proposed Senate bill that would legalize marijuana on the federal level was made public on July 14, 2021, by its lead sponsor, Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York). Called the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act, it removes marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) and allows states to determine
State lawmakers have finally wrapped the 171-day legislative session—one of the longest in history—and at first blush, the news wasn't all bad for legalized cannabis. A few of the bills actually do some good. It looked like several weed-related bills had died after Gov. Ducey vetoed nearly two dozen bills to strongarm state lawmakers into cutting i
When it comes to the medicinal and therapeutic properties of Cannabis sativa, an unsolved mystery is whether there exists an "entourage effect," whereby the pain-relieving effects of the plant as a whole are greater than any of its individual parts. New research from the University of Arizona Health Sciences has found evidence that favors the entou
The hemp industry has made momentous strides since Congress passed the first piece of federal legislation reintroducing American-grown hemp to the U.S. marketplace in 2014. Over the last half-decade or so, an industry has been birthed, resulting in nearly every state in the country passing some type of hemp-related legislation. While every state—ex
Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy is once again speaking out in favor of decriminalized cannabis. (image credit: Shutterstock) Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy (U.S.) spoke with CNN on July 18 in an interview about the pandemic, health misinformation and a brief question about cannabis. In the interview, Murthy was asked the question “Senate Majorit
Following the closing of the merger between Aphria and Tilray, Inc. (TSX: TLRY) (Nasdaq: TLRY), former Tilray CEO Brendan Kennedy took a backseat to Irwin Simon who was appointed as CEO of the combined company. Originally viewed on Technical420 After the transaction closed, Tilray appointed Kennedy as a Director and a Board Member of the combined c
    CBD has become one of the most recognized acronyms in the United States and all around the world. Alongside THC, it is recognized as part of cannabis plants. Even your grandmother knows what CBD is but likely doesn’t know many details about it. Here are some helpful stats to make 2021 a better year than 2020.   Facts and Stats About CBD Contain