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CBD anti-inflammatory properties and mental health treatment capabilities demand further investigation for coronavirus patients, according to a new study. As researchers and doctors rush to understand the novel coronavirus, sometimes new evidence contradicts old claims. Cannabis represents a main topic where scientists have spun 180 degrees in disc
More radical change to drug policy could be coming to Oregon after the November federal election. The Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery Act, which would decriminalize drugs in the state, qualified for the ballot after it amassed a total of 116,622 valid signatures of support, per the Oregon Secretary of State. The Act would downgrade possession
In a bid to win over still-skeptical progressives, Joe Biden on Wednesday unveiled a set of policy proposals that moved him more closely aligned with his one-time rival, Bernie Sanders. But on the matter of marijuana, the former vice president and presumptive Democratic nominee remains miles away from legalization. The proposals were detailed in a
“Wellness” is the latest buzzword in town when it comes to the cannabis-munchie movement. The cannabis community wants America to know, or at least it wants it to think, that instead of scarfing down fast food and Little Debbies whenever it comes time to tame the ravenous appetite that often comes with getting high, they are grabbing fruits and veg
A Detailed Look at Cannabis Sales in California, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado and Nevada Original link
MCN examines the factors affecting the falling value of cannabis stocks and investigates whether investing in the industry is worth the risk in 2020. Original link
According to NYC 311, the official website of New York City, “Marijuana smoking in progress” is worthy of a 911 call. “Bill de Blasio’s administration thinks cannabis consumption is an actual emergency that warrants urgent police attention,” reads a recent tweet from cannabis reporter Tom Angell.    The police tried to brag about busting this guy f
It’s been a long time coming, but medical marijuana could finally appear on Nebraska’s ballot in November 2020. Currently, there is no medical marijuana program of any type in Nebraska. After a number of unsuccessful attempts to rectify the situation, that may soon change. Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana reported last week it will deliver more tha
Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman is urging state lawmakers to legalize the adult use of cannabis as a way to reduce the impact of a looming budget deficit. The state faces a budget shortfall of $3.2 billion, largely as a result of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the economy. Fetterman took to Twitter last week, calling for th
Telehealth services that were made available to Florida’s medical marijuana patients due to the coronavirus pandemic may become a permanent option.  That’s according to the web publication Florida Politics, which reported this week that the temporary provision first established at the outset of the COVID-19 outbreak—and then extended in May—might b
Sales of adult-use cannabis in Illinois hit a new record high last month, as recreational marijuana dispensaries sold more than $47.6 million worth of legal products — a 7.5% uptick versus the previous month. According to Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR), which tracks sales at licensed adult-use shops, nearly $24
If you’re new to cannabis, you’ve likely asked “How does it work?” Elise Keller was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 33, and she explores this same question in her TED Talk entitled “The Surprising Connection Between Cannabis and Mind-Body Health.” Keller considered herself to be a healthy person. Frustrated by her diagnoses, she sought out ways
In light of the impending November 2020 ballot question, in which New Jersey residents will be asked to vote on the legalization of adult-use cannabis, it is imperative now more than ever that legalization is enacted through the meticulous lens of social equity. Meticulous in the sense that social equity programs must be more than an afterthought,
Despite COVID-19 and the illnesses associated with vaping, industry experts report that sales are doing well and are primed to do better as the year progresses. The vaping market was on the fast track until a strange pulmonary disease appeared in 2019 and threw everyone for a loop. Then came the new year, along with COVID-19, a respiratory illness
Growth opportunities remain in cannabis, but it requires creativity, enterprise and knowledge, according to top investors. Take this for an investing conundrum: Where do you put your money in an industry with enormous upside but where many companies don’t yet make profits? An industry where some states consider it “essential business” but the count
With Australia’s cannabis industry growing exponentially, could legislation become more progressive? With Australia’s cannabis economy growing exponentially following the country’s 2016 move to permit the medical use of cannabis, industry analysts are projecting further legislative shifts in favour of cannabis and hemp once the worst impacts of the
Hassans International Law Firm Partner Aaron Payas, CFA gives MCN an overview of Gibraltar’s cannabis landscape. In October 2019, the government of Gibraltar approved the legalisation of cannabis for medicinal use, paving the way for the birth of a functioning cannabis industry within the territory. Hassans International Law Firm Partner Aaron Paya
The government board responsible for setting the rules on Guam's recreational cannabis industry meets today for the first time in months. The Cannabis Control Board missed an early April deadline to adopt the rules and regulations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Before a state of emergency was declared in mid-March, the board was preparing to finaliz
The environment – and modern society’s impact on it – has consistently made headlines over the last few years. With Extinction Rebellion closing down London for weeks alongside various other large-scale demonstrations around the world, the need for change has never been more clear.  Now, the global Coronavirus pandemic has added a new angle to the