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Ethanol contains 7 calories per gram. That’s almost two times the calories of carbohydrates and nearly as many of fat. So, if you want to drink beer without the calories, sorry — it’s not going to happen. It can’t. That may be why, as breweries strive to minimize their beers’ caloric value, cannabis beverages are taking flight. With THC-infused dri
The pandemic might be fading in the U.S., but Americans are still toking up in record numbers. Two states where recreational marijuana is permitted just published April sales numbers, and the results provided a nice contact high for the cannabis industry. In Oregon, the first state to decriminalize cannabis (before making it fully legal many years
In the words of Thomas Jefferson, third American president and avid hemp farmer: “Hemp is one of the greatest, most important substances of our nation.” Roughly two hundred years later, the United States is finally taking Mr. Jefferson at his word. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced on April 27 that it’s partnering with a private c
Destigmatizing and legalizing cannabis are certainly positives for the industry, but it’s not just an increase in retail sales fueling the sector’s boom. Venture capital investors and businesses formerly agnostic (or even opposed to cannabis) now are pouring money into the industry, fueling much of the growth. With that, many long-term cannabis (an
Marijuana is big business. Millions of users spend billions of dollars on it every year. As it becomes legalized in more and more states — some 15 currently permit its personal purchase, possession, and use, with at least two more scheduled to join them this summer — those states will want a share of the revenue. (As of now, these are the 15 states
In honor of all the moms out there, we’ve curated a special list of hemp-based products mothers will surely swoon over. High-quality CBD topicals always make for a nice gift, but Mom also deserves a thoughtful gesture—a massage at her favorite spa, breakfast in bed, a relaxing afternoon to herself, or maybe just spending some time together. Along w
It’s been well over two years since Mexico’s Supreme Court made its 5th consecutive ruling which knocked down cannabis prohibition. And yet, with no debate as to whether legislation must pass, it still has not, making cannabis remain in the legal gray area of Supreme Court legalization, and legislative illegality. So, what’s the current story with
Israel’s cannabis market is finally moving into the recreational box this year. Some time this year, if all goes as planned, the country will implement a recreational system for adults over 21. In a page from the American state market, deliveries will be allowed, although cannabis edibles that resemble candy will be banned. There will also be state
Australia’s Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA) has warned of the risks of sourcing cannabis products for medicinal purposes via illicit channels. Interest in medical cannabis in Australia is building, particularly after the TGA’s decision to down-schedule certain CBD (cannabidiol) preparations to Pharmacist Only Medicines (Schedule 3), meaning
The cannabis space has been less than diverse since its onset as an “industry.” Even behind the scenes, there aren’t too many minorities. During the Winter Emerge 2020 Virtual Cannabis Conference, one panel highlighting diverse voices in cannabis was “Multicultural Experiences in Technology Innovation,” moderated by Sohum J. Shah. Shah is the found
  The Tennessee Senate passed a bill on Tuesday, SB 118, that establishes a strictly limited medicinal cannabis program for patients with certain qualifying conditions. The move comes following a compromise reached between senators and members of the Tennessee House of Representatives, where a bill to establish a more extensive medical cannabis pro
During the pandemic, cannabis delivery and drive-thru options became more of a hot topic than ever before. In addition to the logistics and safety it provides, delivery offers a stress-free, convenient system that is here to stay. According to a recent poll from Ganja Goddess, a California-based, online brand for cannabis consumers, cannabis users
Does your eight-hour workday feel like 40? Are you dragging yourself out of bed every morning just to get to work, whether you commute or telecommute? When your day is over, are you so tired you can barely move? Then you may be experiencing burnout. Burnout can affect you both emotionally and physically and lead to exhaustion, lack of interest and
With the medical marijuana industry set to open up in West Virginia in the Fall, some locals are hoping more West Virginia businesses will be granted permits to participate. Chris Yeager is the head of Appalachian Cannabis, a veteran-owned business that distributes CBD products found it stores across the state. He had hoped to be one of the compani
There are two key things you should know about the cannabis industry, particularly in the U.S. First, it's still only in its early innings. Second, the potential market is huge. Those happen to be two characteristics that bode well for long-term investors. Some cannabis companies are in especially strong positions to succeed -- and deliver great re
Many users are turning to herbal medicine to manage various health conditions. Cannabis, CBD, and kratom have some important similarities and differences. The herbs have been around for hundreds of years and are undergoing research on their medicinal benefits and effects. What is Cannabis? Cannabis is a psychoactive drug whose main cannabinoids are
In March, the Orange City Council took a preliminary vote, 4-2, in favor of an ordinance that would ban recreational marijuana sales within its borders.   The vote, which happened following the first reading of the ordinance, drew the ire of many in the community, including several business owners who are preparing to open recreational marijuana op
Jason Tong, dubbed the “green fairy” for his efforts in recent years to give free cannabis to elderly New Zealanders who are in pain, has pleaded not guilty to cannabis-related charges and has asked that the police drop the charges. Arguing he has done nothing wrong and was only trying to help those in need, Tong pleaded not guilty to one count of
In a test case for how much control local governments can have over the burgeoning marijuana industry, the Massachusetts high court struggled Monday to figure out if cities and towns can require some dispensaries to operate as nonprofits. The dispensary in this case “has invested in a facility but now they won’t be able to operate it unless they ge