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Organic standards can be established, whether or not cannabis is legal at the federal level. Those standards won’t be federally regulated, but they can exist separately from legalization. There are many examples of organic standards being in place for other products, so there’s nothing stopping the cannabis industry from getting started right now.
Tasmanian Greens MP Rosalie Woodruff has strongly criticised the State Government’s medical cannabis Controlled Access Scheme. Introduced in 2017, the Scheme only enables medical specialists the ability to prescribe products to patients in circumstances where conventional treatments have failed. It’s a seven-step process: Patient first needs to con
If passed, the measure will improve Mexico’s living conditions while reducing drug trafficking crime. However, cannabis advocates and legal experts have several concerns. Mexican Senators approved a historic adult use cannabis legalization bill on Nov. 19, with an 82 to 18 vote. This doesn’t legalize adult use just yet, but Mexico appears well on i
Since the first medical marijuana dispensary opened in Arkansas in May 2019, overall sales have surpassed 28,000 pounds.  In total, Arkansans have spent $187 million to obtain 28,674 pounds of medical marijuana. Scott Hardin with the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission anticipates sales will reach 30,000 pounds by late December. There are current
Already, cannabis enthusiasts have had the chance to rejoice over studies showing that drug abuse and teen use numbers are down in legal states, making the industry overall look good. Now, there is also evidence to suggest that fewer teens are seeking treatment for abusing cannabis in states where cannabis is recreationally legal.  The number speci
The health permanent secretary said the government plans to allow use of most parts of cannabis and hemp plants in food and cosmetics on Wednesday. Kiattiphum Wongrajit said the Narcotics Control Committee resolved on Tuesday to exclude the leaves, branches, stems, trunks, bark, fibre and roots of cannabis and hemp from the government’s narcotics l
Malawi is ready to start commercial production and processing of cannabis for medicinal and industrial use, the southern African country’s new Cannabis Regulatory Authority said on Tuesday. Malawi’s parliament passed a bill in February that makes it legal to cultivate and process cannabis for medicines and hemp fibre used in industry, but stops sho
The common wisdom about cannabis enthusiasts is that they don’t have any common wisdom. The stereotype of the drooling guy “on” cannabis sitting in his parent’s basement playing video games for hours or Instagrammig nonstop is what many of the “straights” still imagine to be true. Hardly. In fact, smoking or vaping or eating cannabis—especially cer
Commissioners seem ready to close out a bumpy policy-setting process next week with a vote to adopt new regulations that would reshape the legal marijuana industry to include a home delivery aspect, but that decision could give way to a legal challenge in short order. Through an attorney, some existing marijuana retailers recently threatened to sue
(image: Shutterstock) The Detroit City Council approved an ordinance on Tuesday that will permit recreational marijuana retailers and other adult-use cannabis businesses to operate in the city. The ordinance, which includes provisions to ensure that at least half of recreational pot businesses are owned by city residents, was introduced last month
Hemp is touted as a potential green solution for everything from building materials to plastics — and that's precisely where they have value in the automotive sector. A car entirely made from hemp would save a lot of non-renewable materials from their inevitable fate in the junkyard.  Many would like to see cars become more sustainable overall, tho
As the old adage goes, if at first you don’t succeed, Try, try again. After suffering a close defeat in 2016, Arizona’s new recreational cannabis law passed with 60% of the vote on November 3, 2020. So, if you’re an entrepreneur or weed enthusiast, what happens next and what should you do to prepare for the coming opportunities in Arizona? In this
This winter, expect to spend more time than usual indoors. Here are 5 weed hacks that can help you make the most of this time. Winter is fast approaching and it’s gonna be one to remember, for better or worse. With less incentive and options to go out and have fun, it looks like the majority of our time will be spent indoors. Smoking weed probably.
The luscious green plants stretch as far as the eye can see. Row after row, lovingly tended in a glasshouse that’s roughly the same size as 34 football pitches. Thought to be one of the UK’s largest glasshouses, the 45-acre glasshouse in Wissington, Norfolk, sits in an area known for the growing of crops, vegetables and fruit, from peas and beans t
The rapper and entrepreneur has partnered with newly-formed cannabis giant TPCO that hopes to reach 90% of California consumers by 2022. Subversive Capital Acquisition Corp., a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) with a growing footprint in the cannabis industry, has acquired two California-based cannabis brands and named Jay-Z as the result
Prohibitionist forces in three states have filed lawsuits to block cannabis legalization initiatives that were approved by voters in this month’s election. Legalization measures appeared on the general election ballots in five states this year, and all were approved by a majority of voters. In Montana, 57% of voters approved Initiative 190, a measu
California just made a significant ruling that is bad for cannabis advertisers who favor the billboard format, but good for those who want to see more regulation. Apparently, officials have been allowing highway-facing billboards that should have been banned on the 2016 bill that legalized recreational cannabis.  Original link
New Jersey made its way back in headlines when legislative Assembly committees in the state Senate advanced a bill to regulate legal cannabis within state lines and bring the new state industry to life.  Of course, the last time New Jersey was being lauded for their recreational cannabis progress was earlier this month, when residents voted to make
We have a presumptive new Administration entering the White House in January, despite the fact that the current Administration continues to mount legal challenges concerning the sufficiency and legitimacy of the 2020 election. However, none of these legal strategies appear to be meritorious and most importantly none have proven to bear any fruit. T