Research out of Australia is indicating the “entourage effect” associated with medicinal cannabis is likely really a thing. So, what is the entourage effect? Coined by Israeli researchers in the late 1990’s, the entourage effect describes medical cannabis treatment efficacy not being limited to a specific cannabinoid such as THC or CBD, but multipl
  A new report suggests having accessible weed can add to your property value. If you’ve been shopping around for a new home recently, you’ve probably noticed that real estate prices have increased. This is true, particularly in weed-friendly states. But with 91% of American adults who support cannabis legalization, it will only continue to spread
Chuck Schumer Is Still Working To Pass His Federal Reform Bill Image credit: - MarijuanaStocks   3 Political Figures Want Cannabis Federally Legalized ASAP Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer at the end of the week spoke on his approach for gaining enough votes to pass his federal reform bill. He went on to explain the means of
Obviously, we are not going to have any impact on countries like Iran or China, but the people in Latin America and the European democracies really are looking to America for leadership. Disclaimer:The views expressed in this article solely belong to the author. National Public Radio has a new 15 minute report online that it introduces with: “In Ju
Study shows cannabis doesn’t make you unmotivated—at least not cannabis alone! (image source: Shutterstock) Study results show that marijuana use is not independently associated with a loss of motivation among teenagers, according to recently published research. The research, by a team of investigators affiliated with Florida International Universi
PHOENIX  --  The Clarendon Hotel and Spa in downtown Phoenix is open for business. Hotel managers say it is "Arizona's first Cannabis-friendly hotel." “We are a cannabis-friendly hotel and have a cannabis-friendly event company that is elevating and educating the community about cannabis,” says Daron Brotherton, the VP of Operations at the hotel.  
On July 23, 2021, the Colombian Government signed Decree 811 of 2021, expanding the regulatory framework for domestic and export medical cannabis markets in ColombiaWith the Decree, Colombia continues to serve as a regulatory leader and reference point for other countries in the region, having also approved universal insurance coverage for THC and
As more and more states have legalized recreational marijuana use in recent years, there’s been a lot of “buzz” in the travel industry about the future of cannabis vacations and what shape this would take. But like everything else in the world of travel, the global coronavirus pandemic and spread of COVID-19 changed the landscape and slowed everyth
My claim to fame as a teenager was being one of the top ten GoldenEye: Source players in the world. I logged around 1000 hours in the game within a year, even competed in tournaments with my clan. I grew up on games, built my first pc when I was 15, but this time, I had something that I felt gave me laser-focus like never before. My secret weapon?
  London-listed marijuana business Kanabo (KNB.L) has struck a deal that it says will make it Europe's biggest publicly traded cannabis company. Kanabo said on Monday it had agreed terms to buy the European operations of Canada's Materia, a cannabis processor and supplier. Exact terms weren't disclosed but Kanabo said the deal would be paid for thr
  Opening a cannabis shop in your state is not as difficult as you might think. However, it is essential to get organized and start planning to open your new business and ensure that all the required licenses are in place. The laws regarding the possession and cultivation of cannabis vary from state to state. Some states allow for the personal use
Taking responsibility for your company's environmental and social impact isn't just a "nice to have." In today's business environment, it's becoming a "must-do" that can dictate a company's long-term success. That's according to Marc Ross and Kim Napoli, two members of cannabis law firm Vicente Sederberg's new environmental, social and corporate go...
Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is well-known for making headlines, and her most recent action garnering attention is her support of more studies on psychedelic drugs. Ocasio-Cortez introduced an amendment that would promote future studies on psychedelic substances such as MDMA, psilocybin and ibogaine. The “Amendment to Division A of Rules
Assessment, documentation, and education regarding cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) use among cystic fibrosis (CF) patients varies across centers in the U.S., according to a survey of nearly 300 CF healthcare providers. This variability may be related partially to the different laws between U.S. states regarding these controversial substances, the re
Pharmacologists at the University of Sydney in Australia have found tantalising clues as to why low-dose CBD products containing a full-spectrum of cannabinoids seem to have therapeutic impacts at relatively low doses. The study shows cannabinoids in a cannabis extract interact to produce much higher concentrations of cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) in t York Cannabis United is calling on both the Cuomo Administration and New York State Legislators to uphold the promises made in the new law by swiftly appointing leadership to the Cannabis Control Board. By Imani A. Dawson Original link
To date, 19 states have voted to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes. Where is the legality of recreation, marijuana production and distribution is booming, Billions of dollars Provides industry, tax revenue and work. Meanwhile, 36 State and 4 territories Pots may be legal for some uses, but not all, as they have legalized medical pots and
It’s happened to the best of us. It’s late at night and we’ve totally underestimated the amount of marijuana at our disposal. We aren’t in a position to buy more at the moment. We look through our ashtray and our weed baggie and there’s nothing useful in sight. Then we spot the stems. Should we smoke them? Can we smoke them? Sadly, it appears that   This week, CV Sciences (OTCQB:CVSI) released the results of a preclinical study that suggests that CBD can reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms in smokeless tobacco users. The study, conducted in collaboration with researchers from the University of California, San Diego a